Chapter 1 part 4

Part 4

The year is 21112
The Rule of Queen Isis has ended; her daughter is 12 years of age. She is young for a Queen to take over her mother’s throne, but not too young. She is a small girl, but strong in spirit. Dressed in Blue and white armor made of Scale Mount Iron, she walks up the stairs to her mother’s Chambers. If the doors of the chamber open at her touch, she shall be accepted as queen.
Her breath is fast; her heart thumping within its bony cage, the sting of her mother’s death still blinds her eyes with hot red tears. She tentatively reaches for the door.
They will not open.
“Please…” She whispers.
They do not open.
“That is my desire…that is my ideology…I wish to rule…” She muttered incoherently,
“I wish to rule…as equal to all”
The wind blows gently upon her skin as the scent of blue Punicherry flowers fill the room.
The doors begin to creek.
They open.
The rule of Queen Aequm has begun. 

The End

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