Chapter 1 part 3

Part 3

The Oberous, declared as the governing power, with the permission of the Saints decided to merge the two dimensions, into a single realm, called Aero. But the Oberous had fresh wounds of servitude and oppression building like a plague in the depths of their hearts.

The lesser animals of Aero, the birds and beasts alike, could sense the overpowering anguish upsetting the elements, and fled to the furthest edges of the dimension, hiding the thick dense forests, untouched by the two clans.

“More war…more war…”

The Woulves of the Northern Mountain and Baers of the Eastern ridges had before been partner to the Anubit and Oberous clans respectively. In war they were happy to serve their higher clans, as weapon and shield to them. It was their sense of duty which lead them to fight long side the clans, and their sense of justice and instinct which forced them into hiding. The Birads, the winged beasts of the Southern sky’s, took off into the dark night, and disappeared with the wind; as did the Aquariot of the western seas dissipate deep within the rising waves.

“Will blood and battle tare us all?”

Darkness began to fall upon Aero. It took a single spark to ignite the fire, one single spark… one Oberous who suffered pain and pestilence under the hands of the Anubit, one leader who’s wounds had festered and grown with time, one person…Revoltijo.

 Riots and massacres killed thousands of Anubitians, all in the name of repentance…all in the name of Revoltijo. His army came to be known as the “The Crimson Hand” by the Anubitians referring to their unquenchable thirst for blood, while the Oberous revered them as the “Hand of Justice” that which shall bring true punishment and atonement. Children where disemboweled and men were tortured, slain, killed, in the name of peace. The Saints watched, horrified, but unable to break vow. They could not interfere with matters of another world.

“Kill and die, bleed and lie
In red graves with no names…”

The Sun did not rise at dawn, and the Moon would not shine for the night, the Sky painted herself in black robes of mourning as the Clouds cried tears of blood, and the Stars fell as fire balls from the heavens. But the protests were unwanted and unheeded by the Oberous. Pain had made them accustom to darkness, and given them a love for blood.

“We will drown in blood and ash
drowning in our blood and ash.”

The Anubitians tried to hide within the forest lands, pining and praying for the safety of the trees and jungle woodlands, but it simply provided for a mass grave. All of them, cornered in the thick dense jungles, were burned, Anubitian and animals alike. He burned the trees; he burned the forests and burned its inhabitants. The Woulves howled to the night, the Bears cried as fire, red and black ate into their skin. They died. All died throwing the Soil into a fit of rage. Earthquakes ravaged the land; storms and landslides crippled and ravaged what was left of their world. The Earth split and broke into five distinct parts separated by large treacherous waters, which did not let the Oberous pass upon them.

Revoltijo drowned in his futile attempt to cross the waters, and the massacre ended with a final surrender from all Anubitians. The Oberous allowed the Anubitians to live in peace if the served as slaves for eternity, and the Anubitians, some hurt and most killed, had no means of fighting against their pain and oppression. They agreed to a half-life in penury and slavery.

The Oberous, unable to cross to the four separate parts, stayed confined to the mid-land, while strange beasts stirred in the four new lands that came to be later named the Dakshins.

Life continued, time past and eras of kingdoms propelled threw time and space. Till the year 21112, time posed little change in life.

The End

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