Chapter 1 part 2

Part 2

The lands were gray and black with soot. The earth was screaming, dying in blood and ash. The Oberous, could feel the spirit of the land grow week and pale with war and death. It was their ability, one all Oberous were born with, that saved their land but chained their race. It was the gift of the Empath, the skill to feel and understand others emotions and thoughts from the fragments of soul hidden in the eyes. They could feel the Earth dying and its soul slipping away into nothingness. The war needed to end, or the earth would crumble into dust and ash. But it would not. It would never end till one race was annihilated; after all two queens cannot wear the same crown. Either they destroy the other, or give their freedom willingly. The Oberous conceded the war, and were pronounced as slaves and surfs to their masters. It was for their land, that they allowed their heads to be bound to the Anubitian’s feet. The Oberous were discriminated against for their dark skin and pale yellow eyes, their colour degraded as ugly, and their eyes as impure. The pale-faced Anubitians enjoyed the leisure and pleasure of greed and lust, at the sacrifice of the Oberous. It wasn’t long before greed turned to hunger.

Power hungry and bitter with pride, the Anubitians set forth to conquer the three remaining realms. They believe it to be their burden and duty to command and control the lesser races.

The Flight reality gave itself freely to the Oberous, with little fuss since they had no comprehension of kingship and country. The Oberous found little to do there, for these unsocial and spiritual beings had no society to hold a kingdom.

 The people of Siren never stopped fighting. Even though their strength was lesser than that of the Anubitians, they were bred from birth as war mongrels and mongers; strategy and battle plan their primeval instinct. Blood was not uncommon to them. Their race proved to be difficult. The war was never won.

The Saints grew angry, but did not interfere. It wasn’t their fight. It was only once the attack was mounted on the Earth world that their wandering eyes fell upon the scene. The Sister Saints began to feel the week and primitive barriers of the human realm, quake and shiver with strain. They were crumbling. It would lead to the obliteration of that realm, throwing a whirlwind of explosive and destructive charges into the null void of space. The force of the colliding energies of a destroyed realm would be enough to extinguish all the others, including the Saints themselves. Thus, they intervened. For the very first time in their existence; they took arms as the Five Saints of the Separate World. They barricaded the realms with their unique and unquantifiable energy, and forced the Anubitians back to their land. Their power was unmatchable. As immortal beings, the Anubitians could neither resist nor fight them. They were forced to obey.

Hence forth, for their own safety, The Saints no longer permitted any creature to cross the realms, keeping five strong barriers between each realm. They called for the restoration of the Oberous race to its previous glory, and forced the Anubitians into repentance for their actions. The Saints and the realms understood their purpose; they were the guards and warriors of inter-realmic peace. They were the last defense against complete anarchy, and they carried out their duty with great fervor. They were revered and their advice was highly sought out, but they were not to interfere with the internal state of any of the realm least it pose threat to them.

The world seemed to be shrouded in a breath of blessed peace, the soil grew green, and the rivers ran with fresh spring water. It seemed the world had reached its optimal state of harmony… but there will always be conflict between power and pain, no matter the form. 

The End

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