Chapter 2 Part 1

The Fall

Diary entry of an
unknown soldier

Year 12666

War- The Corruption

I killed my brother today. We were ordered to do so. For hundreds of years, the Oberous have been our brothers. Now, we die by their hand, and them by ours. His blood is on my hands, so much blood. Nobody wants this we want this?

Our leader says that we are a greater race. Our leader says that the Anubitians tried to kill him when he revealed this truth. Our leader says they are the burden of our race. Our leader says a lot. His words turned to action, now we kill each other. I killed my brother. How can I live knowing this?

I have a wife...had a wife. She is probably dead now. She was a beautiful woman, weak in body, as all Oberous are, but strong in mind. We were perfect pair together. Anubitians are born with physical strength and elemental magyk, while Oberous a more mental, psychic strength and weak physic. All creatures are flawed, perfection is a sin. But together we were perfect. Hence I rot like a wretch in hell for the evil of being flawless. We all die in blood and ash.

The sky is turning red,
The grass dyed grey
No birds sing
But the craving scavengers
Cannon screams ring
As we die
On red floor
Red sky

He was my brother, my wife’s mother's son. He was small but his mind was fantastic beyond the boundaries of conception. He slashed open my stomach and I ripped out his heart. and with it, my soul.

My brother
Forgive this sin
I kill you within my blood
The cud builds bile in my mouth
Vile, I shout in pain
In vain, you die
I cry
Tears flood my brain
Crimson my wound
Ill join you soon.

This is my last entry…

The End

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