Chapter One- The Beginning of History

The universe was created when two masses of great power collided; forming matter and energy to burst out into a never ending chasm. Physical, spiritual and magykal, were the three energies formed by the cataclysmic collision. These energies, flung into the void in a random dance of colours, melded and created the five different Universes. Due to the chaotic fashion with which the energies were distributed, each universe was formed from different levels of each of these basic energies.

The Earthen Universe was born from mainly Spiritual and Physical energy. Its small reserves of Magykal energy, ignored and belittled, left its inhabitants bound by laws and physical thought, through which fantasy was the only break into this magykal reserve. It left the people primitive, unable to access the potential of the universe.

The Flight Reality was born mainly of Spiritual and Magykal energy. Peaceful, calm, with strong magykal potential, the inhabitants are weak in mind, but strong to their emotions and to the tranquility that rules their world. Unable to comprehend war, and pain, they live listless lives in ignorance and serenity.

The Siren Universe had little Spiritual energy. Governed by Physical and Magykal energy, the world was powerful, but their conscience and humanity, weak. War, death, blood, and pain governed the brutal and meager world. Mercy was considered fool hardy and peace was not an idea they could fathom.

The last two universes created by the devastating burst of raw energy were the Anubit and Oberon. Created with large amounts of all the energies, they were considered the Perfect Realities. Its inhabitants were gifted with abilities and force beyond those of their companion universes. Their magykal and physical abilities were far past what other realms could gauge.

During their first centuries, the perfect realities befriended each other, as if to mix and trade information for the wellbeing of all their inhabitants, to grow and build steadily as a community. It was during the first century, that two children, one from each realm, found what was called “Wandering Energy.”

It was common knowledge that the each of the elements, water, air, land, and fire, were created from mixtures of the three main forces. In their first year of creation, however, great questioning rose when two children looked up and asked “But what about the sky, the moon and stars?”

Wandering Energy, as it was termed, was a unique energy, outside the three main forms. It was the connecting energy that joined each realm to the other.

This “Wandering Energy” was vast and uniformly confined into a single space. It could not be used, harnessed or tampered with, but it existed for a reason. It took decades before the people of the Perfect Worlds began to understand its existence.

The Wandering Energy, massive but restricted, took much time to settle within its own space. As it stabilized, it grew. Its power was so great and vigorous; it threatened to break out of its own domain. Almost as if to escape its own destruction, it balled itself within its space, condensed, and formed complex connection, I dare not try to comprehend. It took decades for the energy to settle, and as it did, what it created was its own conscious mind, emotions, behaviors and a form of deep cognition.

These strange creatures, as they came to be thought as, were thereafter respected and revered for their great strength and ability. They came to be known as the Saints of the Realms. The, Moon, Suns, Sky, Clouds and Stars, were made up of a different energy. At this point, I should make the distinction between Stars and Suns. Though primarily they are made of a similar energy, the one which supports and holds life on a planet, is a sun while those which shine and do not have the ability, or chance to sustain a world are stars.

Creation is the beginning of all stories, beautiful, wonderful stories, perfect stories…but greed and wrath can cause problems in every story, no matter how perfect it may seem.  

The End

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