20. Crashed (Page 7)

The stars began peeking down at the pair as the sun started to set, and Hataru found herself wondering at what point day officially became night so they could start talking.

Levi beat her to the first word, “You knew that the water tank was empty, and before that, you knew that the mast was about to break even though you had been unconscious. Ad on two occasions you mentioned seeing my grandmother in some place you called Tha-nill?”

“The Null,” she sighed. When I said I wanted to talk about anything, this wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind. “It's a psychological place that Seers go when they fall asleep. It's where they look into the past and future and meet up with other Seers, at least, that's what Sibyl said.”

“And if you've been to this place, then that means…”

“I'm a Seer. Just like your grandmama guessed when we visited her in Mahgnitton.”

“But why didn't you know about it before? Grandmama knew about her powers when she was very young."

“We think that the medicine I've been taking for my anemia has had a side effect of cutting off my connection to The Null, but then I missed my last injection and found Saphira─”


“The ring you gave me,” she showed him, “that's what I decided to call it. It has some sort of magic that helps me control my psychic abilities. That's how I saw the mast crashing and the water tank bursting.”

“So... when you were passed out, you were just going to this 'Null' place that my grandmother goes to when she has one of her episodes?”


“And in this place you are able to see into the future?”


“What about the past?”

“Yeah... and the present, too, apparently, but I don't know how it all works yet. I'm still just a beginner.”

“This is great! Grandmama will be able to teach you everything she knows! She's been hoping for an apprentice for years!” his smiling teeth gleamed in the dusky light.

“So I've heard...”

“What... what's wrong? Aren't you happy?”

“I don't see a whole lot to be happy about. I mean, sure, I have these weird, mystic powers that I have no clue what to do with. But Sibyl told me that everyone with these powers has disappeared.”

“What do you mean?”

“They're all just… gone! She said that there was once a whole community of them from all over the world, and they would meet up in The Null and... I don't know... make new friends and talk with one another, but now they've all vanished. What could have happened to them, Levi?” panic clouded her eyes, “How could a whole group of people who don't have anything in common except this so called 'gift' just up and disappear?”

“I… I don't know...”

“And what if whatever happened to them happens to your grandmother? Or to me? What if these powers are really a curse?”

“Hataru,” The captain stopped and looked her in the eye, “Whatever happened to them, obviously my grandmother has been able to survive it. She's a spry little thing, you know ─ you see what I did there?”

She snorted, smiling, “Your puns are as bad as mine.”

“No objections there. But my point is, even if she's all there is left of this community of Seers, you're in good hands. I promise you, she'll be the perfect mentor. You have nothing to fear.”

Stress and worry escaped her lips in a gusty sigh, “Maybe you're right...”

“Of course I am! And look!” he pointed to a soft yellow glow just beyond the next sand dune, “I think we've found that trading post of yours.”

The End

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