20. Crashed (Page 5)

There was a brief silence followed by, “Ah… hello?”

“Tulus, this is your captain speaking. Tell me, what’s happened to my ship?”

“Well, sir, the fore mast broke off in the storm, and now its completely missing. The main mast is cracked and will probably need to be replaced as well. All three of the left jet engines are out for the count, and one on the right. We’ve gotten all the fires in the engine room put out, but it doesn’t look to good in there.”

“And still no idea on what caused this?”

“No, sir. I double and triple checked everything with the boy’s help. Everything was in perfect order. There is absolutely no plausible reason that this should have happened!”

“Will you be able to get her up and running again?”

“I might be able to get her flying just high enough to get us to a city with a good mechanic’s shop, but that will take me a couple days at the least.”

Great,” Levi breathed under his breath, “Okay, fine. We should have enough water and supplies to last us that long. Hataru and I will start making our way to yo─”

“But the water tank burst! There’s no water left!” Hataru gushed, then blinked, not exactly sure why she had said that.

“What? How do yo─?”

The radio crackled, “Um… Rayne just told me to tell you that the water tank was cracked in the crash. Almost all of the water has leaked out…”

“None at all?” Levi gaped at the princess, as if to say, How did you know?

“There’s a small amount left over in some spare barrels, but not enough to last everyone more than a day.”

“Just great! Get me Firious.”

“First Mate, here.”

“Firious, go ahead and start setting up camp. Take an inventory of what can be salvaged. I’ll escort Hataru back to the ship, then we’ll send out a search party to look for water.”

“Nonsense!” the princess shot, “That’ll only waste time. You and I are already a mile away from the ship; we should just head off from here together. I know of a trader’s post at the base of Mount Leviathan, and that’s just a little ways south-west of here. See?” She pointed toward a mountain that stood taller than all the others. “If we start now, we might be able to make it there by morning and then possibly get a camel ride back to the ship.”

“I like the little dame’s plan, Levi,” Firious agreed.

The captain studied the princess, almost sizing her up, “Nothing I say is going to change your mind, is it?”


“Ayyah! Fine. Firious, have Talus keep me posted on what he finds. We’ll be back by tomorrow with water and whatever supplies we can carry.”

“Aye-aye, Captain. Over and out.”

Levi's one-eyed glare focused on the princess as he turned his metal pinkey back into place, “Do you know how incredibly infuriating, you are?”

“I was only trying t─”

“You can't follow along with anything I say, can you?” he erupted, “You just have to go volunteering to throw yourself in harm's way!”

“It's not as if I go looking for trouble!” she shouted back.

The End

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