13. The Flipping of the Switch (Page 2)

“And their leader, that back-stabbing, blood-sucking, storm-raising, malevolent swine! How dare he show his despicable mug to me, twice in the same week no less! He dares call me a coward? After what he did to me, to Father? I will kill the rake! Not a word escapes his throat that is not filled with lies and drizzled in deceit! I swear on the life of my father, that The Black and White Assassin will bemoan the day he was born; he will tremble at the sound of my name! He will cower in my presence when I find him! I will not back down! He will not defeat me!” The girl's mind raced as he carried on ranting about the horrible assassin, What is he talking about?

Levi panted, continuing his tirade, “Then there's Firious... always, always... AARRAAHG!!! He just doesn't understand! 'Get rid of her!' he says, 'She needs to go! The lass doesn't belong here!' How can he be so importunate? Am I not his captain? Is he not my first mate? I am the one who gives orders, not him! I'll get rid of who I want to get rid of! Maybe I should get rid of him! Ha!” The ship shuddered, the engines failing for a brief moment before restarting. “And if Talus doesn’t get the confounded boat fixed, maybe I’ll get rid of him too!

“And what about that rotten prince? I’d sure like to get rid of him! I don't care if he rescued the princess once; I don't care if he saved my own life! He sure didn't seem too concerned with her well-being when he rushed off after his blasted, black dagger! What was he thinking? Any respectable man would never leave a woman stranded on top of a mountain, especially a woman like her!”

He repeatedly slashed his clawed fingers through the closest wall, “What a fool! What an oaf! What a self-prioritizing nitwit!” Deep shadows in the folds of the maroon shirt that he still wore were contrasted by the pale sepia light as her eyes followed the defined line of his tense, muscular arms. She could see every detail. In and out, in an out, the bulges of flesh created massive waves in his shirt sleeves.

Then the heartless someone decided to flip the switch yet again, going from bad to worse. Grabbing at his shirt, the captain began to shake uncontrollably. Short, shallow, panicky gasps escaped his lips as he clutched his chest with his human hand. Hataru didn't know what to do as he sunk to the floor in a crumpled mess. His metallic claws dug into the soft wooden floor, slicing through it like knives through a tenderized steak. Levi writhed spastically, as if possessed by a vile creature, and nothing would scar the princess more than his blood-curdling screams, the sound of pure agony, worse than any screaming mandrake could produce, though slightly less lethal. She stood frozen, barely breathing, watching him roll around the floor, his eyes shut tight, tugging at the deep colored shirt, and gasping for breath between screams.

Finally, during the short moment while he could open his eyes, his glazed gaze fell upon her frightened form. Even through the pain, he had enough of a thought process to form a simple sentence, “Get out.” The slurred words tumbled from his mouth, illegible to Hataru's frightened ears. Again, he whispered his unheard message, yet she still did not respond. With unexplained fury, he staggered up to his feet like a drunkard and took a gaping step towards the princess. “GET OUT!” he bellowed, roughly pushing her toward the door, his large hands as cold as ice while his eyes burned with rage and pain.

“Captain Spry! What are you doing? Are you okay? Captain Spry, stop!” The pirate did not appeal to her wishes but continued to push her back. “What's wrong with you? Stop, Captain that hurts…”

“I said ‘Get out!’ and I mean get out! GO! Get away from me!” his voice was as firm as a broken brick wall. The poor girl stood in the doorway, her knees quivering, shaking her head, not wanting to be pushed out any further. Tears formed in the wells of her sparkling eyes, but she dare not let them fall. What had happened to the golden-hearted man that she had met just a week ago? With the last of his temper-filled breath he screamed at her, "Scram! Get out of here! GO!" and then collapsed to the floor with a crashing thud. There he lay, sprawled out like a dead dog.

“Captain? Captain!

The End

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