12. The Null (Page 7)

“If I have the ability to see into the future, wouldn’t it be easier to look there first?”

“Maybe… but the future is a much trickier case than the past, it is not set in stone yet, still pliable, still able to change. I will teach you more as we go along. Tell me, Hataru, did you notice anything strange about the boy?”

“He was as frightening then as he is now.”

“Yes, yes. But did you notice anything unusual? Maybe something that he said?”

Hataru was quite while she pondered over the boy’s conversation with the gruffy assassin, “He’d said that he saw the man in a dream, and that’s how he knew to find him. Can normal people receive dreams of the future, like Seers?”

“In a very few circumstances has that ever occurred. This was not one of them.”


“Kosu is not a normal boy. He has the ability to enter the Null and use its powers, as well.”

“He’s a Seer?” Alarm coated her voice, “I thought you said we were the only one’s left!”

“He is not a Seer, though he has the powers of one. Consumed by hatred and jealousy toward his brother, he rejected our code of clairvoyance, which was based on peace and harmony, and became what is known as a Rogue Medium. If only I had tried harder, shown him more love… maybe it wouldn’t have turned out like this.”

“You… you knew him?”

“Of course! I still do. Ever since he left, I’ve been keeping an eye on him. His control over the Null has surpassed my own abilities, but he has strayed so far from the path, it breaks my heart. I should have been a better mentor.”

“You couldn’t have known─ oh… wait. You did know, didn’t you?”

“I saw the signs, watched his future, but I didn’t want to believe any of it. I thought I could teach him to use his powers for good, that I could change everything, but I failed.

“People often fear the uncertainty of their destiny, but it is that exact uncertainty that grants them the freedoms of possibility. The more you know about the future, the harder it is to change it. You start seeing things narrowly and make your decisions based on what you believe is supposed to happen; your imagination dies. It takes great control to look into the future and still be able to change it.”

A deep voice bellowed out a choleric cry, echoing like thunder through the Null around them, which Hataru thought was strange since there weren’t any walls for the sound to bounce off of.

“What was that?”

Sibyl glanced upward, Sibyl spoke rapidly, “You’re starting to wake up. It's time for you to go.”


“Promise me you'll help my grandson. He is more like Kosu than he would like to admit. You have to help him let go of his anger. I can't lose him too. Promise me you'll help him!”

“I─ I…” Hataru watched as Sibyl's form began to fade, shimmering like a ghost, and she noticed her own fingers becoming translucent. “What's happening?”

“You have to help him! Trust your gut! And do not fear the fall!” the hoary woman's voice sounded distant.

“What are you talking about? What fall?”

“Don't be afraid!”

“Sibyl, wait! Don't go!”

The old clairvoyant evaporated completely.

The End

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