6. Zephyr (Page 3)

“Do you even realize where that is? The tallest mountain on earth?”

Only mad men risk their lives climbing that monstrous rock, Hataru remembered her conversation with Gilda, I’m sure no one has ever survived attempting such a feat! “Oh, no. You don’t think…”

“Where else would it be?”

“Umm… Mount Leviathan?”

“The highest ben? That thing is a mere molehill compared to The Place Where Earth and Sky Kiss!”

Hataru’s eyes nearly popped out of her skull. “Oh my,” she whispered, “I’ve read stories… Won’t it be dangerous? No, don’t answer that. You need to get there and figure out what this prophecy means. We’re going.” Determination hardened on her face.  

Levi hesitated, “I’ll go give Firious our headings… if you’re sure about this…” The princess shooed him out the door with her hand.

“I don’t get it,” Zephyr thought aloud, “how can the earth and the sky kiss? They don’t have lips!”

“Oh, Zephyr,” Hataru sighed, “you will see.”

The End

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