4. Kosu (Page 4)

“Let me go!” a woman’s screech sent chills down Levi’s back. They both turned. A few yards away, the two thugs who had tried to attack Hataru on the Sky Bender were hauling her out of his quarters toward the port side, where the invaders had swung aboard from a pitch black ship with the words Kronos’ Revenge scrawled in white paint on the hull. Antenor was doing his best to defend the girl, but dueling against two men who were using her as a human shield by himself was proving to be even more difficult than it looked. She frantically scanned the deck for help, but all the others were either downed or heavily preoccupied. Then her eyes, her beautiful, frightened eyes, found Levi, and he felt like he could drown in shame. He had promised to protect her, and here he was pinned to a hunk of wood like an insect on display.

Next to him, the demon of a man eyed her hungrily, “My,myhow delicious.” He whipped a sleek, dark pistol from his baldric and fired three shots into the air. Immediately, the assassin’s crew began to retreat back towards their ship.

One man scuttled forward, bowing, and presented him with a familiar black hat decorated with golden plumes. “Master,” he rasped dutifully, then scampered away to join his crewmates.

“Now, Captain,” the felon held up the object and studied it with mild disdain as if it were an ugly housewarming gift from an old acquaintance, “what would poor old daddy say about you losing his hat? Hmm? But no worries,” he dropped it on the ground, “I’ve brought it back to return to you.” His tooth-studded boot stamped into the crown of the cap, giving it a massive dent, then he picked it up and propped it atop Levi’s head. The man mockingly grinned like a proud teacher presenting his student with a scholarly award, but his eyes were as cold as a winter hail storm. “What’s a captain without his hat, right?”

“Master!” the skimpy man with a beak-like nose squawked, “The Marcelianship is in sight! They have caught up with us!”

Kosu glared at the man, irritated to be interrupted, but then he sighed in fake remorse, “Time for me to go, I’m afraid. Try not to miss me too much.”

“You’re not going to kill me?”

Kosu’s black-pit eyes lit up in a way that would make one question his sanity, “Oh, don’t fret, Captain, I’ve got plans for you. You’ll just have to wait and see.” Slick as a crocodile, he turned his back on Levi and chuckled to himself as he sauntered away.

The End

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