3. Delivery to Mahgnitton (Page 9)

“I wish you could see that that isn’t true. Your father is still with you, in here,” she reached out to touch his heart.

Captain Levi’s single eye was polluted with intense grief and loss, the kind that pulled at women’s heart strings and enticed them to get closer with the hope of soothing the pain.

In a sing-song voice, Sibyl closed her eyes and whispered, “Beware the crocodile, and help the hare. Befriend the wolf─”

Levi added, “And conquer the bear.”

“Enlighten the cat…”

“And protect the swan.”

They ended together, “For all will be well by the break of dawn.”

Sybil grinned, looking at her grandson, “You still remember that old nursery rhyme. I don’t know why, but somehow,” she yawned again, “I felt it was important.” Her eyes fluttered shut, and her breathing steadied.

“Goodnight, Grandmama. Sweet dreams,” the captain kissed her on the forehead.

         He gestured for Hataru to follow him out the door. It was time to return to the ship.

The End

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