A Compromise (Part 3)

“What if we were the ones to get caught? What then?”

“Gentlemen, I think that is─” the princess joined the conversation.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared?

“Of course not!”

Gentlemen!” The entire café halted, all of the lunch-time consumers peering at their table curiously. Hataru lowered her voice, “Prince Tarin will go to his uncle and keep him distracted long enough for Captain Levi and his men to check the security on the flute. Using whatever means he sees fit, he will see to it that it is safe from the assassin’s attack. When he is done, he will leave the flute where it is,” she gave the pirate a stern look, “and then come back here, where we will reconvene with him after speaking with the Chancellor.”

We?” Levi grunted, sticking his chin out.

“I have some experience in diplomacy and negotiations, so naturally I will accompany the prince and Captain Stirling in order to avert the Chancellor’s attention.”

“That’s fine,” Tarin consented, “but I don’t trust sending him to my uncle’s vaults alone. What’s preventing him from breaking his word?”

“Why, you─!” the pirate reared.

I will go with him and make sure he sticks to the plan.” Elden nodded her head solemnly.

Tarin turned to her, surprised concern peppering his voice, “But… Elden…”  

            “I’ll be fine. Just worry about distracting your uncle. If I get caught and end up losing my Captain’s license because of you, you can be sure that you’ll be getting an earful from me.” Sizing up the pirate, she swallowed her unease and stood up, “Let’s get this over with.”

The End

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