27. Blazing Bibelots (Part 5)

“Levi, look at this!” the princess said, placing a hand on his bronze biceps.

He scanned the page. “What about it?”

“The next item of the prophecy has to do with “melodic notes” right? What if this flute is the object that Kosu is looking for?”

“Sure, if that’s the case, but it might not be this specific instrument. There’s probably thousands of magical, music-making devices in the world; it could be any of them.”

“I know, but I’ve just got this feeling, call it a hunch,” she toyed with her sapphire ring necklace, “this is the right one. How many musical instruments with such power could there be?”

“I guess. But where would we even begin to search for it?”

“I’m not sur─”

Prince Tarin walked up to the table where they were standing and grumbled dubiously to the captain, “Your grouchy first mate says that the coast is clear for us to leave now.” Noticing the book, he inquired more politely, “Oh, what are you looking at, Miss?”

“Umm… just a─”

“Hey, I’ve seen that flute before! My uncle showed it to me when I was a boy. He keeps it in one of his treasure chambers now.”

“Oh! And, umm, where is that, exactly?”

“Here in Habar, I’d imagine. He’s the Head Chancellor”

Hataru and Levi snapped their heads and to stare at one another, wide-eyed. It couldn’t possibly a coincidence, could it?

The End

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