23. Crustaceans and Cats (part 3)

Stopping where she stood, Elden peered down at him. Seeing through the feigned innocence in the smile he offered up to her, she rolled her eyes and groaned, “You've got to be kidding me! Who is she?

            Ceasing mid step, he sheepishly glance up at her, “Actually, I didn't quite catch her name.”

            You don't even know her name? I can't believe you'd have the audacity to flirt with a lass without asking for her title!” She flailed her arms around for emphasis, shaking the rope ladder, “If I were that dame, I wouldn't have you, you dullard!” Then, in one instant, both of Captain Elden’s hands were in the air, free from their constant grasping of the ladder's rungs, and her body toppled backward, disconnecting her from the rope ladder’s cloaking abilities. Tension and discomfort disseminated throughout her body with the feeling of weightlessness. The thin air played with her hair, tangling it before her eyes like a blindfold as she fell, as if to alleviate the captain from the view of her frightful dive. Providentially, by the tail of her coat, she was jerked upward, suspending her over one thousand feet above the ground and bringing her back into invisibility.

            “I... gotcha,” grunted the prince. Light as she was, her added weight became a new burden on his arms.

            “Don’t you dare drop me!” Elden yowled wildly, her hair bristling.

            Hush!” Tarin nodded towards pirate’s main deck, that they were situated directly across from, where a chubby man approached the ledge, squinting out into the space where they hung. His bald head was covered in arbitrarily placed tattoos of mermaids and skulls and hearts proclaiming his love for his mother; a parrot perched on his shoulder, glowering at the two of them with beady eyes, its non-human vision penetrating the ropes’ magic spell. The twosome hovered in place, holding their breath.

“Did he see me?” the young woman of twenty years whispered.


The End

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