21. Azure Conquest (part 2)

          “Elden,” the prince said warmly, drowsily smiling, “what a wonderful morning it is.”

          “That’s Captain Stirling, to you,” the woman snapped sternly, “Just because we’re old friends doesn’t mean you have the privilege to address me by my first name. And besides, how would you know how wonderful the morning is? It could be dreary outside for all you are aware of, since you’ve impounded yourself in here from dusk till light!”

          Unrepentant, he asked, “Do you require my presence for something, Captain Stirling, perhaps my dexterous leadership and deft decision making skills?”

          "Deft? More like daft. Do you think I would be here if I didn't?"

          "Oh, no of course not. Why in the world would I assume that my good pal from Orville's Aerial-Naval Academy might barge in on me for any reason other than business? It would be quite preposterous!"

          Tilting her head slightly to the side and staring straight into his eyes with her brows raised and a joking smirk poised on her lips, she replied, “Exactly. Now, if you are done ruining your health by the light of a single candle, I’ve something you might want to take a look at.”

          “What is it?” he inquired as he stood up, his curiosity peaked.

          “We’ve spotted a ship on our tail, Prince. Come see.”

          Practically galloping out of the bridge, Tarin stumbled to the starboard side of the ship and peered out at the clouds. Though his tired eyes made his vision bleary, there was no mistaking what he saw. A great ship, slightly smaller than the Azure Conquest, floated half a mile away, slowly making headway towards them. Prince Tarin noted the brilliant blue and gold banners with an insignia of a wolf, proudly waving in the wind, that matched those on his own ship as well as his uniform. It wasn’t hard to conclude, this ship in pursuit belonged to his country’s armada, his father’s armada, and that was not a good thing for Tarin at the moment.

The End

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