19. No Control (part 1)

          Like a victim of sleep paralysis, he had no control of his physical frame, but he was more than awake, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling everything that the beast, which had overcome him, sensed. It scared him, the powerful Captain Levi, half to death to have no decision over his own actions, a privilege taken for granted, he decided, by far too many. Stripped of the freedom every mother's child is born with, the power to choose, Levi was forced to take shotgun in his own body as another being sat behind the wheel.

          Only moments before, the ship had been quiet and tranquil; now it was a place of mayhem and havoc, and it was all Levi's fault. To say he had been angry would be an understatement. He'd been enraged, his mind set ablaze with flames of scorn and hate and... desirous envy; however, he was uncertain of what he yearned for ─ his thoughts and emotions much too tangled up to make any sense of them. It was at that moment when the monster had initiated its first attack.

          Flashes of images seared across his mind, scenes that he had never dreamed of seeing before. A winsome girl cowered back against a garden swing, tears of terror streaming down her face as she screamed for assistance. In his heart, Levi wished to help the dame, yet he also felt a strong compulsion to eliminate her existence ─ not his own feelings, but those of an oppressive presence. The captain was forced to watch as the crying babe's kiss-mark ravaged throat was slit and her dark blood poured down her dress. Giving him no time to process this horror, another lass drifted into view. She had a sense of familiarity about her; though, Levi was sure they had never met ─ maybe he’d seen her in a photograph or passed her on the streets once before. Whatever the case, he knew she was someone important. The savage fiend inside him radiated a passionate loathing for this woman, but her eyes held its ─ his gaze captive. Apprehensive shivers ran down his back when she placed her soft lips to his beastly nose, the presence faded away, and then the captain’s world was torn to shreds, an eruption of throbbing torment.

          When he opened his eyes, he was himself again, lying on the floor, dowsed in sweat. Short of breath with his heart pounding in his ears, he groggily scanned the room with blurry vision, spotting the princess in an instant. Eyes doubling in size, he had a horrible hunch about what was going to happen next; after seeing two damsels in danger due to this monster that was already starting to take control of him, he didn’t want Hataru anywhere near him. To no avail, however, could he get her to leave him, due to her wonderfully caring, foolish heart. He collapsed, focusing all his energy to keeping the beast at bay, locked in an internal battle between man and creature. Then, poor Captain Levi was caught of guard. Her touch, oh, her gentle, calming touch made his heart skip a beat, giving the vile monster an opening to squeeze its way in and overwhelm his body.

The End

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