17. The Beast's Arrival (part 2)

          Finally, the monster found it, the mark it had been looking for. The small boy with eyes bulging like a those of a slippery, green frog and a nightdress two sizes too big for him would serve as the perfect target. A rumbling growl crawled up the Kresreb's throat as it lunged toward the child without a single ounce of hesitation.

          Everyone moved in slow motion; they couldn’t keep up with the beast’s agility, and this pleased the Kresreb. A few milliseconds later, the beast loomed above the boy. Raising its colossal, metal claw for a death blow, the beast only paused to savor this first kill of the night, for there would surely be more to follow. However, the next thing the monster knew, she was there, shielding the boy with her beautiful body. She was the reason for its existence, the one whose image was imprinted on its heart, the one whom it yearned for, and the one whom it feared. She was the only one who could truly cause its destruction. Yes, the beast itself was mortal and could therefore be killed, but when it came to fighting, the Kresreb had more than an advantage. With her, however, all it took was a single touch of her glossy lips and the very fibers of its being would disappear. For the Kresreb, this woman could be both the beginning and the end, unless the beast could do anything to help it. 

The End

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