16. The Kresreb (part 2)

“One fateful evening, Ursine was in the middle of a rare  designers’ block. Inspired by Mother Nature, he had been searching for a way to amalgamate animal characteristics with his weapons in order to improve the warriors’ senses beyond normal human capacity. The hex wasn’t quite ready, however. It needed something more; he just didn’t know what, so he slipped out of his workshop to clear his mind, hoping the answer would come to him.

“The sun had already set and the stars were coming out, the air was warm and the breeze was light; it was the perfect atmosphere for a moonlit walk with one’s sweetheart. Unconsciously his feet carried him to the home of Bicara, and there he stood at her front gate when he observed a disgraceful sight. Lounging in a garden swing, Ursine’s beloved was in another man’s embrace! Her head rested upon his shoulder, her hand on his chest, her big brown eyes staring up into his as he stroked her flowing locks. Then, he leaned down and stole a kiss from her ruby red lips. Enticed, she tilted her head, begging for more, but out of the corner of his eye the kiss-stealer spotted the warrior and stopped short. Distraught, Ursine flounced away, not heading to the girl’s cries of excuse and apology.

          “In his rage, the talented magician began reciting his unfinished spell, casting it upon himself. At once, he was on the ground, twitching and writhing. His body mutated into a fur-covered beast with long teeth and horrible, glowing eyes. Unable to control it, the beast took over his mind and body, locking his consciousness deep down within himself. Fueled by irate compulsion, the beast loped off to wreak havoc upon the unfaithful girl and the rest of the town. When the beast first arrived at her home, Bicara’s secret lover deserted her, leaving her to face the monster alone. She screamed, shouted, cried, and pleaded for Ursine to come to her rescue, unaware that he was the beast before her, powerless, however hard he tried, to prevent her death. When the village finally killed the beast, its body returned to that of Ursine, and thus, the monster became known as the Kresreb, marring the name of the town’s once-was hero.”

          Hataru spoke up, “So, you’re implying that Captain Levi has become this Kresreb monster?”

          “That’s right, my dear. He has.”

          “But how can that be? You said that the monster was killed!”

The End

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