16. The Kresreb (part 1)

          Just as her feet rose above the handrails, the princess felt a forceful jerk on her back, and she somersaulted backwards, away from the side of the ship. Dizzy from her spill, she barely caught a glimpse of the once-was captain plummeting over the edge beside her, his screeches of terror muddling her brain further still. Shocked beyond belief, her head snapped to the old man, looking for answers. He helped the princess to her feet, then led her further away from the railing, sitting down against a wall.

          “What... what just happened?” Hataru whimpered, entering a mental breakdown. “He... he was... he was screaming, and then he... he started shaking! And changing! And I didn’t know what to do, so I.. so I ran, but that thing was right behind me! I kept running, and then... then I jumped! And..and..!” The traumatized girl sobbed, tears streaming down her face. She wasn’t completely sure if the tears were of fear or of relief, but she honestly didn’t care. All she wanted was to make sense the mayhem that she was in.

          “There, there. Calm down,” Antenor comforted, patting her back lightly as she cried into his shoulder. “I should have realized what was going on before. Now due to my ignorance, the ship is in a lot of trouble. I’m afraid, ma’am, that you might be the only person who can help him, but first I must tell you a story so that you will understand why that is.

          “In a far off land, there was once a magician-warrior named of Ursine Kresreb. He fought bravely for his kingdom, using his strength, wits, and ability to conjure spells and charms for the betterment of the army men with whom he fought beside. A strapping young man, dark and mysterious, there wasn’t a single maiden who didn’t see him in her dreams at one point or another, and there wasn’t a single young lad who didn’t wish to grow up to be a like Ursine. Everyone loved him and hailed him as a hero. However, he didn’t have the time to soak in the glory his deeds had earned him; if he wasn’t out in battle, he was shut up in his workshop, designing new weapons with magical properties. Always working, he often neglected his darling, the lovely and lonely Bicara."

The End

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