11. Not Dead Yet

          As Jupiter’s Revenge silently submerged back under the clouds while Zephyr wondered the decks. He kept his head hung low and his lower lip protracted; tear trails still stained his face. The cold wind blew up from behind him, causing him to draw his shoulders up as his medium length hair whipped around his head. Images of the battle between Levi’s men and Kosu’s flashed through his mind. Zephyr had been so scared that the devilish assassin had come searching for him, wanting his little slave back, so he had hid under a dusty, purple carpet. Just the thought of the white and black haired man sent shivers down his spine.

          Once the breeze had passed, he stopped and reached down into the deep pocket of his trousers, pulling out a sparkling object. The object was ice in his hand as he stared at his reflection in the red, blue, and green jewels that were imbedded in the comb. No one had even spoken of searching for the princess’s body as they tromped back to the boats. Levi just signaled for them to leave, and they did. His hands shook as he placed the precious item back inside his pocket, his heart broke knowing that he wouldn’t get a chance to place it on her grave as he said his last farewells.

          Zephyr turned a corner, and the young lad’s eyes nearly fell out of his head when he looked up. There, standing at the end of the path, surrounded by mist from the clouds passing by, was the princess! She walked toward him, smiling.

          “Hello, Zeph--,” she started, but the boy interrupted her.

          “You’re dead!” he shouted, taking a step backwards.


          It had taken quite a few minutes to finally calm the poor boy down enough to explain to him that she was, in fact, not dead, but alive and well. It still boggled his mind. How in the world had she held her breath long enough to get back to the boats? Zephyr recalled his horrific experience wandering through the deathly dark and quiet cave as he slowly suffocated from the humidity. She must be a very amazing person, he thought, if she can do that! After telling him the whole story, Hataru had retired to the chambers that the kind Mister Captain Levi had assigned to her, looking happy yet in need of a year’s worth of sleep, but Zephyr decided to sit out and watch the sunset. He loved the way the cool shades of blue faded away into pinks, oranges, and purples so quickly, and then into the deepest, warmest darkness. The stars smiled down at him, and for the first time in a very long time, he felt safe. Now, however, he too was getting sleepy, so he sought out his own quarters in order to catch a few winks.

The End

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