10. Clash in the Cave (part 4)

          Just as the dark blade began piercing his chest, the blade hit something hard, ceasing its motion completely. Both men looked down. The only thing in between the blade and Levi’s skin was... his shirt. No, not his shirt. It was the burgundy shirt Zephyr had found for Levi to wear after Hataru had run off with his own. Somehow, it was acting like a shield, a barrier, that the dangerous blade could not cross. Kosu banged his knife harder against Levi’s chest, vehemently trying to kill him, but it was no use, the barrier was so strong it was as if he were attacking a brick wall with a feather.

          Finally, the assassin ceased his pointless pounding, resting the sharp tip of the blade on top of the captain’s heart. He pushed with all his might. Levi held his breath in horrified awe, he was safe, for now. He knew that in a few seconds, Kosu would give up on stabbing him in the heart and realize that his bare neck was currently undefended. As if on cue, Levi’s intuitional prediction came true, and Kosu lunged at his throat. Down, down, it cut through the air like a sailfish through water. Levi had just enough time for a last gulp of air, until a miracle occurred. In the blink of an eye, the black blade had disappeared from the assassin’s hand and a sword was directed at his heart. Both men gazed upward.

          Bearing over them, surrounded in a halo of light, the audacious figure of Prince Tarin of Marcelia, an image that would make any woman swoon, peered down at the two peculiar men fumbling on the floor. His glance slid over each man slowly, taking in every detail of their appearances and committing it to memory. Then, his eyes landed on the dagger which he had whisked out of Kosu’s reach, and his eyes widened with recognition. Losing focus of his surroundings, he greedily dove for the knife that had been in his family for generations. His sword clanged to the floor as he scooped it up, flipping it over and over, ascertaining that it was his. Levi used this time to right himself, getting a good grip on his sword and pointing it at his assailant, ready to battle again.     

          The tables had turned once again, and Kosu knew that they weren’t in his favor. As much as he hated it, he would have to abstain himself from fighting much longer. He would get another chance to kill this silver haired man. There was one thing he could not leave without doing. He must get that dagger back! If he lost it, he would be most upset. Using battle skills he had accumulated over the years, he quickly cartwheeled over to the prince and snatched the precious object with the skill of a professional pickpocket . Storming away, swift as a gazelle, the dark man only stopped to sneer words of war dripping with disdain.

          “We’ll meet again, Captain Levi, and when we do, you’d better be prepared to meet your demise!” Then he vanished into the darkness of the cavern corridor that lead to the exit.

The End

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