10. Clash in the Cave (part 3)

          Levi fell for the trick as he slowly turned his head, leaving himself unguarded. Hataru’s wide, worried eyes shocked him, but he was too happy to process it. His eyes crinkled as he was about to belt out a jolly laugh, but then he saw her lift her hand and point behind him. The captain only had enough time to spin back around and dodge Kosu’s sword by millimeters. Clashing his claws against the blade to block the pathway of a second blow, Levi’s battle instincts returned to him again like a lost puppy. He used his weapon assets like the master that he was, fending off the assassin’s attack effortlessly. The pirate captain was making headway, pushing the dark man back.

          Kosu could see in Levi’s eyes that he himself would lose this battle. This only made him fight harder, though, as he had been trained before he was only ten years old to win a battle at all costs. Ditching the chivalric codes known and followed by all swordsmen, he unscrupulously began sliding a hidden dagger out of his sleeve, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. The black titanium knife was long and lean with a serrated edge and a decorative silver pattern along both sides. It’s handle was covered in soft black leather that had re-fit itself to his grip after only a few uses. Kosu loved knives. They were his favorite death toys; he loved the feeling of being close enough to feel his victims' last heartbeat and the sound of their last gasp for air as he plunged the cool metal blade into their gut. This knife, however, was his favorite above all. It was perfectly balanced in his hand, it made clean, smooth cuts that made it easy to slide out of dead corpses, plus it was his favorite color.     

          As he was thinking about this, Kosu nearly missed his cue to doge Levi’s sword. In a silver flash, the blade glided across his upper arm ripping through the threads in the coarse fabrics of his jacket and shirt. The assassin felt a tiny scratch, barely deep enough to draw blood, so the stinging pain was over quickly. Kosu knew it would heal on the morrow, yet the memory of his own sluggishness angered him. He took out his madness the only way he knew how ─  by robbing the life from the nearest living thing to him. This horrid habit had lost him some of his strongest goons, but they were easily replaced. Sword plummeting to the ground, Kosu lunged blindly at his opponent, his hand holding the dagger undulating, repeatedly stabbing at the man’s torso. Levi, luckily, had quicker reflexes, and was able to block each jab, but he knew he couldn’t keep it up for long.

          There. There it was. The thrust that Levi' block would miss missed. The captain realized the knife's target, his heart, two seconds too late. He wouldn’t have enough time to disrupt its trajectory, and he knew it. The assassin knocked him down to the gem covered floor. There was no time to prepare for death, it was hurdling at him like a grizzly bear on a rampage without any warning. This was the end.

The End

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