10. Clash in the Cave (part 2)

          Puffy eyed, Levi looked up. There in front of him stood a man clothed in darkness. The strands of black and white hair looked well kept, but doused in sweat from the journey to the cave. Behind the man's ebony mask, two bottomless pits peered into Levi’s soul as he spoke with invective words:

          “Are you feeling ill, Captain? Can I even call you that? No. A true captain would be fighting alongside his men,’ not cowering behind a mound of treasure. Isn’t that what your daddy always told you? No wonder that bonny lass of yours has left you; I don't see her anywhere around... I’ll bet she couldn’t stand being in the presence of such a weakling. That’s all women care about, you know. Power and status, money, material things... all of it. I guess you are better off without her; all they do is suck you dry until you have nothing left. Then they leave you for the next bloke who walks by. Oh my, did I say something wrong, Captain? You do have an ugly look on your face.”

          Hot anger poured throughout the silver-haired man’s veins. He rose slowly to his feet, situating his sword between himself and the dark one. A snarl twisted across his lips; Levi spat, “I don’t know what sort of women you hang around, you tantadlin tart, but that bonnie lass was worth fifty times over than one of them! She was kind and caring. She was a royal with a heart for the poor. She was shy yet powerful. She was even more beautiful inside than out, which is saying something since she was downright gorgeous! She was determined to do right. She was..." Tears welling in the corner of his eye, the Captain raked his mind for more ways to describe her splendor, "She was... she was...”

          “Was?” Kosu peered at the pirate, suppressing an evil smile.

          Unable to mask his dread, Levi looked down, “She’s dead,” he breathed. The words tasted like bile in his mouth.

          The dark assassin's eyes flickered above his adversary’s head, seeing something that Levi could not, and then he smiled, eyes narrow. “Is she now? Then who is that, standing at the entrance? Oh look, what did I tell you, she’s already with another man.

The End

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