9. The Prince of Marcelia (part 3)

          “Oh my, that would be an awful way to go,” she said, rubbing her neck with one hand, remembering the tightness of the behemoth’s grip. “What a sad story, though, two friends torn apart over a girl they both loved dearly. It seems to me a tragedy.” Her voice was filled with pity and sorrow for the two men from long ago.

          “Peculiar point of view, Miss. I’ve never heard someone so concerned over the friends’ relationship. Whenever my father spoke of it, he would always praise our ancestor for winning the girl. He never spoke much of the captain.” The prince looked at his walking companion with thoughtful eyes.

          The two continued walking and talking together, laughing and chatting as they made their way to the treasure room. Hataru eventually forgot her suspicions of the prince as she became more and more interested in the stories he shared with her about his family's, as well as his own, accomplishments. Tarin was enthusiastic about his history, boasting over righteous deeds and smoothing over malicious ones. Smiling to himself, he often peeked over at the girl as they walked side by side. Before they know it, they were approaching the glowing entrance to the cave of riches.

          Hataru’s heart began racing and her cheeks grew warm. What would Captain Levi say to her when she returned? Would he scold her for running off? Would he be happy to see that she was fine? And what would he say when he saw the prince she had brought back with her? Maybe he wouldn’t be too upset if she told him about Tarin’s dagger. Her body tensed tighter with every step she took closer to the mouth of the cave, afraid about what might happen next. When they came to the opening, however, all of her fears that had been building up inside her head were dropped immediately and replaced with new ones. Peering inside the room, the two beheld a lively battle amongst the piles of gold and silver.

The End

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