7. Runaway Princess? (part 2)


          Hataru knew that she should have let Levi handle this, yet she felt a motherly attachment to the young boy. She did with all children. As she ran as fast as her legs could carry her, she thought of all the orphans she had rescued after joining the royal family. Princess Hataru had convinced her father into bettering the lives of children whose parents had either passed away or rejected them. He saw the value of her idea and put her in charge of the first adoption agency of Trellisaina. She helped find homes for the orphaned children of her country, which somehow resulted in a larger work force for both industry and agriculture. Trellisaina rose in power and was still a thriving country that continued to grow. King Isicar was proud of his adopted daughter and took every opportunity to congratulate her on her good work, but none of that mattered to her; she just wanted to help the children of her country find the loving homes they deserved. Spotting a miniscule speck of light in the distance, Hataru realized that she was still a long way off from the exit. She ran faster and pleaded for her lungs to hold out a little longer.

          What seemed like hours later, she finally reached the edge and leapt directly from the cliff into the boat Levi and she had ridden in, shoving her hand beneath the seat. Lungs gasping for air, she smacked the air filter to her face and took long, deep breaths. Climbing back out of the boat was a challenge because her feet had gotten tangled in the skirt of her azure gown, but she eventually made it back onto the mountain. Hataru crawled over to a shady corner of the cliff, to catch her breath and relax her muscles. Closing her eyes, she dozed into a light nap.

The End

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