6. The Place Where Earth and Sky Kiss (part 5)

          “Yes, ma’am,” he replied. His cracked voice sounded deep and gravelly as it came through his mask. “Her name was Nosa Morawa; one of the greatest pirates of all. I have her ranked up with Captain Levi’s benevolent, late father, Captain Abbott Spry. More of a hero than a villain, Nosa protected those who couldn’t fend for themselves. Her crew consisted of innocent fugitives and refugees from evil countries, and she treated them like family. Nosa was a beautiful person in mind, body, and soul, but she was still a pirate, which made her an enemy of the crown. One night, after she had robbed a very rich and very greedy man, a team of trained assassins snuck aboard her ship and crept into her quarters while everyone was asleep. Of course, she woke up, tried to fight and scream for help, but one of the assassins pulled out a pistol and shot her in the chest. They escaped with ease, and Nosa died by morning. Before she died, however, she told her first mate, and lover, to hide all of her treasures in the safest place she could think of. She handed him a map and the deed to her ship, The Dangerous Wind, then silently passed away.”

          “That’s so sad. She was only trying to do the right thing by protecting the innocent, but in the end she was killed. Did her lover obey her dying wish? What happened to him?”

“Yes he did.” The old man smiled behind his mask. “You’re looking at him. I loved Nosa very very much, and my heart broke into a million pieces when she died in my arms that night. I wanted to go avenge her death, but I decided against it and followed the map to this mountain. I haven’t been here since I was twenty-four, and that was almost fifty years ago. I’m glad Firious allowed me to come back here. I hope I can remember where she kept her comb; she had such beautiful hair, my Nosa. It was so long ago...” The old man took a moment to remember his sweetheart’s beauty, a single tear gliding down his grizzled cheek, and then continued, “Soon after her death, my crew turned mutinous and stole The Dangerous Wind right out from under my nose, leaving me completely alone in the world. Lucky for me, Captain Abbott was looking for a crew, so I signed up and have been working for him, and now his son, ever since.”

          “I... I don’t know what to say.”

          “You don’t need to say anything, my dear. I thank you for listening to an old man’s tale. By the way, my name is Antenor. And yours is?” Hataru introduced herself, and they continued talking as they walked on.

The End

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