5. Zephyr (part 4)

          “So, Zephyr,” he asked, “you said that you knew that Kosu and his men came to my ship to steal a book. Do you know what else they have stolen or what they still are going to steal?”

          “Oh yeah, sure, last week we, well... they, stole a black dagger from a prince. I think his name was Tary or Taryn or something like that.”

          Hataru’s ears perked up. “Did you say Prince Tarin? As in Prince Tarin Vallor?”

          “Yeah that was it! Do you know him? I guess you, being a princess and all, would know lots of princes, right?”

          “Honestly, I haven’t actually met him yet. He was the man next on my list of possible suitors that I was supposed to meet during my tour of the continent. I never got the chance because of those awful pirates.”

          Levi cringed when he remembered that she was a princess in search of a proper suitor. “Well, it’s a small world after all, isn’t it?” he exclaimed awkwardly, a bit flustered and irritated that he had forgotten. Hataru looked at him questioningly; he ignored it. “Have they stolen anything else yet, Zephyr?”

          “Ah, no. I think they said that the next thing they needed was a comb from a dead lady-pirate’s cave of treasures. I heard something about it being on top of one of the tallest mountains known to man?”

          Levi sighed. “I know the place,” he said grimly,  “if that is where they are heading, then we’d better fly quickly. It’s a three day’s travel from here, and Kosu must be hours ahead of us by now. I’ll go tell Furious.” Levi started walking out.

          “Wait, Levi,” Hataru stopped him, “what is this place? Where are we going?”

          “To the Place where Earth and Sky Kiss,” he answered.

          Hataru’s eyes nearly popped out of her skull. “Oh my,” she whispered.

          “I don’t get it,” Zephyr thought aloud, “how can the earth and the sky kiss? They don’t have lips! What’s so great about this mountain, anyway? I mean, how tall can one rock be?”

          “Oh, Zephyr,” Hataru sighed, “you will see. It is the tallest mount on the face of the planet. I’ve read about it in books and heard many legends about it. One of the most popular legends describes a pirate’s treasure hidden in a cave at the peak. Many people have died trying to climb the mountain seeking the treasure to become rich and famous. If you don’t believe me, just you wait and see.”

The End

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