5. Zephyr (part 3)

          Half-way through another step, he tried to continue, “Well, I ─ ”

          Slam! “Wow, Captain Levi! Your ship is amazing! Thank you for letting me see it. I don’t want to be rude, since you’re already doing so much for me, but I was wondering if you’d found any clothes in my size yet. If not, I’ll just wait outside. The sky is really beautiful, almost as pretty as your lady friend here,” he turned to Hataru, “Hi, my name is Zephyr. What’s your name? Did you know that your eyes are the color of the sky? I really like the sky. It’s so big! I didn’t get to see it much when I was working for that mean old Captain Kosu, but when I did, it always blew my mind. What did you say your name was, again?”

          “Slow down, Zephyr!” her laugh was pure hearted and light, her smile gleaming like pearls. “My name is Hataru, princess of Trellisaina.”

          “You’re a princess, huh? You sure are pretty enough to be a princess, but why are you on a pirate’s ship? Did they kidnap you? Why aren’t you tied up? Shouldn’t you be wearing a crown or something? Where is all of your gold and money?”

          “Zephyr!” Levi snapped. “Calm down! One question at a time, and you really shouldn’t be so nosey, you know.”

          Bowing his head, Zephyr apologized, “I’m sorry Mister Captain Levi. I just get carried away sometimes; I’m so curious.”

          Hataru jumped in, “I’ll tell you why I’m on the ship, Zephyr. I have a long story too, so why don’t you sit down on the bed over there, and I’ll sit in this chair, and tell it to you. Okay?”

          “That sounds great!” He clambered up onto Levi’s bed, squished the pillows to make himself comfortable, and then listened intently.

          Once she was done, Levi handed Zephyr some aged, but still good quality shirt and slacks, along with a pair of boots, which still had a bit of mud caked on them from years ago. He directed him to change behind wooden room divider.

The End

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