5. Zephyr (part 1)

          “Can you tell me what you’re doing on my ship, Zephyr?” Not a single drop of  vicious tone could be found in the man’s voice.

          “Yes, but it’s a long story so you might want to get a chair or something to sit on,” Zephyr said politely, still a bit uneasy.

          Levi chortled softly, “I’ll be fine. Go ahead.”

          “Okay, well, last year I ran away from home, because my dad was a cruel man and he liked to beat me. I wandered around a village I’d come to one night, and there were a lot of scary people around, so I started running. I didn’t know where I was going, I just knew I wanted to get away from the scary men. They were burning buildings down and stealing things. I heard women screaming and babies crying. Everywhere I turned, they were there.

          “I closed my eyes and ran faster, trying to escape, but then I bumped into him, the leader of the horrible men, Captain Kosu. He looked down at me with the most evil stare, the same stare that my father had when he was about to hurt me. I thought I was going to die! Then he motioned for one of the biggest, hairiest men I have ever seen to take me away. The big man carried me onto a big boat and locked me in a room, and no matter how hard I hit and kicked, he wouldn’t let me go. I pounded on the door, screaming for someone to let me out, but nobody came. I tried to squeeze out the window, but I was too big.

          “When the evil men came back, I was let out of the room, but only because they wanted me to peel their potatoes. Captain Kosu told me that if I didn’t work hard, he would toss me over the edge of the boat while we were flying, and I believed him. What choice did I have, but to work for them? I was given all of the chores that nobody liked to do, like swabbing the deck and cleaning the john. I didn’t like doing it, but I did it because I knew Captain Kosu wasn’t lying when he said he would kill me.

          “Today, one of the other men had to do my chores for punishment, so I was told to come aboard your ship and help distract your men while two of our men stole a book or something. I was so scared, though. So I hid underneath one of the lifeboats, where these guys found me. And that’s why I’m on your ship, Mister Captain, sir. I’m really sorry.”

The End

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