4. The Prophecy and the Stowaway (part 4)

          “Oh, and there’s one more thing,” Hataru said slowly; she had nothing important to speak of but wanting to break the silence anyway. Whatever it was about this Kosu character, it was obvious that Levi didn’t want to talk about it. "I think ─  ooh..." She had started to stand up, but her grogginess had not completely worn off. Steadying herself, she began again, “ I think ─  oh!” A fluttering slip of paper fell from her gown to the wooden floor, and she bent down to pick it up. “Hold on, it says something.” Squinting her eyes to decipher the delicate penmanship, she read aloud:

“The Sharpest blade of darkest day,

Melodic notes to be played,

A parent’s tale writt’n by hand,

Needles that brush her silky strands,

Along with the pristine, red life of the pure,

Will join at dawn for evil’s endure!”

          “What do you think that could mean, Captain?” she asked quizzically. 

          Smiling, the scent of adventure flowing by on a light breeze that carried his misery away, the captain began to give orders. “Well! It sounds as if we have a fresh mystery on our hands! Firious, prepare the ship. Have someone check our stock of supply and estimate how long it will last us. Make sure all of our escape boats are in top shape, we may need them. What else... ah, well, you know what to do. I sense a long journey ahead of us.” Grumbling like always, but with a faint smile of relief across his face, the first mate left the room. “Don’t mind old Firious,” Levi told Hataru, “he really is a good man ─  just a grumpy one. Why don't we let him handle the preparations, while we try to figure this out?”

The End

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