4. The Prophecy and the Stowaway (part 2)

          Then, with a sudden, unexpected burst, the door from which she had been hiding behind swung open with such a force that the girl was hurled across the cabin and knocked against a chair, putting her in a slumped, fetal position. Lights going out, she could barely watch as two figures shuffled around the room, stopping at a book shelf. Her eyes fluttered  slowly and she saw stars dancing idly. One figure snatched up a thick leather bound book, while the other loomed over her menacingly. He sloped in closely, invading her personal space with his hot, fumey breath clogging her nostrils, but his partner urged him to leave before he could get a good look at her face. As he turned away from her, a scrap of parchment slipped out of one of his jacket pockets, floating gently as a feather and landing in the princess’s lap.

          When the two men ran out with the book, Levi’s foe ceased his torment of the captain and stood up, his eyes on the men who both gave him a grim nod of the head. Smiling, he glanced back to Levi, looking down upon the pirate with a baleful expression. Then he turned to leave, signaling for the rest of his crew to follow, so the aggressors retreated, not out of fear, but because they had retrieved what they had come for. As the dark man’s ship ─  named Kronos’ Return ─  drew away, Captain Levi arbitrarily charged with a vindictive battle cry, running as if to jump across the growing gap between the two ships. Knowing the captain, Levi's trusted first mate grabbed him just before he took the leap, pulling him back. Desperate cries of an unnamed emotion exploded from his bloody maw as he madly struggled against Firious with all of his might. The dark one only smiled, watching from the railing of Kronos’ Return, his hands neatly folded behind his back; the captain's crazed actions gave him pleasure along with the fact that there was nothing Levi could do to stop his escape. Then his airship sunk into the clouds, disappearing from view within seconds. Levi’s men watched as it vanished, pondering what had just occurred.

          Levi glared at Firious for a long second, daring him to betray him again, then rushed back to his cabin with his first mate in tow. They found the princess fast asleep on the floor next to a splintered wooden chair. Gentle as possible, the captain stroked her arm, and her eyes whiffled open to stare into the faces of two worried men. Although, once he saw that the lass was fine, Firious looked away and began to grumble about nothing in particular.

          “My lady, are you alright? Losing consciousness twice in one day! What happened?” Levi inquired. His concern seemed genuine, but there was a taint of darkness in his voice, a burning, aggravated sort of darkened defeat.

The End

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