1. Rescue and Plunder! (part 2)

          “What? What do you mean you have ‘something to check first?’ This was not part of the plan! I ─ ”
         “Oh, stop complaining, Firious. You’re always saying that you’d make a better captain, anyways.”
         You owe me!” Firious whispered before he directed the men onward.
         "No I don't!" he called back once the man was just close enough to hear but too far to reply. Smiling to himself, he watched his friend and first mate storm off with his men following behind. Then he directed his attention to the small, wooden door from which the clamor was coming. With his metal hand, he sliced through the lock as if it were made of butter and swung the door open wide. THUD! The next thing he knew, he was on the ground with a girl in chains on top of him. He looked up into her eyes and saw her mixed emotions: surprise, hatred, hope, and anger. She looked down and saw a mixture of wonder, awe, and mystery. Without a word, the pirate jumped up, grabbed her hand, and pulled her along behind him, laughing playfully on the inside. Disquieted, the girl continuously tried to resist, which quickly became a burden, so he stopped abruptly and severed apart her chains with his claws, aiming to gain her trust. Dumbfounded, she took a step back, and he flashed her his trademark mischievous smile, full of life and energy.
         Bowing low, he introduced himself, “Captain Levi Spry at your service. Please, my fair lady, allow me to assist you in escaping from your prison. And, may I ask your name?”
She stared at him, her face blank, her mind momentarily shut down from shock. Finally, she burst back to life. “Oh! Yes. My name is Pri... I mean, Hataru. My name is Hataru,” she stated with caution. Wanting him to know that his trick with the chains had not yet won her confidence, she gave him a suspecting glare. This Captain Levi was not the rescuer she had been wishing for, but she would rather be anywhere than in that little dusty room. She had no choice other than to stay with him. He took no notice of her glower and grabbed her hand again, whisking her onward. A memory of a small boy and a bag of gold flashed through her mind as they sprinted down the hall, but she quickly dismissed it.
         Running, running, the twosome made their way to the treasury and met up with Levi’s men. Of course, they were all shocked to see their captain with a girl in broken chains by his side, but they had learned to expect the unexpected with him. Soon, they quickly went back to business. They were right outside the treasury room, but the vault door was almost six feet thick. Cracking the combination was their only option to gain access. As they set to work, everyone doing his job in perfect sync, Levi overviewed the entire project and kept an eye on Hataru, who stood silently off to the side, watching the men with distaste.

The End

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