Sky Pirates: The Fate of Destiny

On the search for the perfect fiance, Princess Hataru finds herself in trouble when her flying ship is over run by pirates who are after more than just her riches. Fortunately, she is saved by Captain Levi, with silver hair, golden eyes, and...a metal claw? Together they set off on an adventure to solve a prophecy the pirates left behind. On their journey, the princess meets Tarin, a handsome prince on the pirates' trail for his own reasons. Could one of them be the man she's been looking for?

What would happen if you mixed together:

a Robin Hood type pirate with a metal claw,
a pauper-turned-princess in search of a suitor,
a charming prince with deep eyes like melted chocolate,
a motor-mouth little boy with a sad past,
a first mate that could out-match Grumpy the Dwarf with his negative attitude,
and a ruthless assassin who will stop at nothing to get what he desires?

Come take to the sky with Levi, Hataru, and Tarin, along with many others, as they overcome many obstacles, face countless dangers, and... wait... is that a love triangle I sense? Hop on board and see for yourself!

*For hose of you new to this cite, just click on the green tinted button with the lightning bolt below to jump to the next chapter. (In this case it says "Prologue")

The End

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