We strolled out the gates of the school, trying not to look suspicious at all. I tossed my head over to my left to make sure no distracted pupil noticed us walk out. Unfortunately, nearly everyone was looking out the window, nose pressed against the glass, curious. To be honest, who wouldn't be? 
"Heehee! Hiya!" Rosie bellowed, waving her hands about frantically. I shifted my eyes away from her, quickening my pace.
"Hey, Elise, don't be tense. Miss Kouzen will deal with any teachers querying our actions today." Mimi smiled, practically beaming bright red. Hey! How comes you're so calm, Mimi? I thought you were the kind of person to worry about even the slightest of things! I shrugged it off, making bigger strides down the road, to make sure we weren't late. 

Reaching the clock-tower in the midst of the hustle and bustle, we stood, fists clenched.
"Is this a trick?!" Rina bellowed, flailing her arms around in distress. Everyone began to turn and look at us, confused as to why this crazy girl was screaming about some "trick".
"You sure know how to make an entrance, hmm?" a majestic voice bellowed, which made everyone stop in their paths.
Suddenly! Out of no where, a gothic-looking girl fell out of the sky, holding a large staff with a black orb glowing at the end of it, her raven-feather like hair glistening in the early morning sunrise and her pale skin like a moth not exposed to light.
"Who are you?!" Mimi gasped, fists clenched.
"Oh, ohoh. Maybe you're as foolish as I first thought." the girl cackled, flipping out a fan then covering her mouth. "But pardon my manners. Perhaps I should introduce myself. I am Miss Lolita Skulleton. I am pretty sure from there you can guess who I am? Hm?"
Innocent bystanders shrugged, confused to who she was, but every guardian there would have know straight away who this menacing looking girl, the second she said "Skulleton".
"Professor Skulleton's daughter, hm?" Eva stroked her chin. "You two don't look alike at all."
"Perhaps one could presume I am not his biological daughter." she replied, staring at Eva right in the eye, her other eye winking quite cheekily. "Yes, I was 'adopted'. I was merely a normal-being pretty much before, yet Skulleton took me on, thus a new member of the demonic society was born."
Everyone around was all chatting amongst themselves. Demon? Skulleton? Who is this girl? What on earth is she doing?  To be honest, if I was them, I wouldn't have a clue either, but maybe that's just me. Hey. 
"So then. Here you are, trying to foil my plans, yet I will not let you succeed." she snapped, throwing her wand to her other hand, then planting it into the ground, viciously. "Daddy said that failure is not an option." (She emphasized on the NOT, a lot. I guess she must be extremely passionate about this all.) 
We stood in silence, even the commuters and shop-keepers and school children (etc).
"But, maybe I could say that this is the perfect opportunity for me to reel you in, Elise." Lolita raised an eyebrow, twiddling with the bow on her rather elaborate dress. "Oh, me and Daddy know a lot about you. Perhaps we should battle together, one and one, whilst my little puppy toys with the others. In fact, that will be my plan. My game will be oh-so fun, and once I've dealt with you all, and I retrieve the bracelet from your very hand, perhaps I can become supreme leader of the universe." She cackled a little throwing her hands in the air. "This all went to plan, you know? We broadly exclaimed that we would launch an attack in a pretty good location, you were fooled by such an idiotic plan, that not even my Daddy would think of in a million years. We knew Neopolitan was gullible enough, hence why he chose you, being as you are the strongest, and he is merely a lazy, hopeless old man. He cannot tackle such task no more." 
I raised an eyebrow, still perplexed by this strange girl, but I just don't know why. Maybe it's her whole manner and personality, or something just about her.

"So, shall we begin the game?" she giggled, suddenly throwing her wand outwards, freezing time around everyone except the guardians and Lolita.
Gasping, we looked around at the innocent people just standing, watching into our souls, or so it seemed. A shiver ran down my spine, I was that worried. I had to succeed this challenge.

Failure was not an option.

"Welcome to Lolita's playroom!" she exclaimed. "Let's play a good game of chess, hm? I'll move forward my King: King Fluffykins!" She clapped her hands together, transforming the area around us into a chessboard, then placing a large frozen wolf forwards.
"Oh, NOT so fast Lolita!" a voice called out from no where.
SERIOUSLY?! When will people stop falling out of the sky randomly?!  A voice shrieked inside my head.

Suddenly (Again) out of no where, a young girl fell out of the sky (shock horror, no way girlfriend, etc), looking bold and brave. Landing on both legs, she looked around the strange place, her violet coloured hair matching the orb clutched in her wand's grasp, and pale skin NOT as pale as a moth NOT exposed to light. I didn't know WHO she was, but I'm sure she's not a guardian. A little scarf was tied around her neck, the sequins sewn onto it glistening, and her checked blouse flapping in a what seemed to be staged breeze, as well as her dark skirt. Well for one thing, this girl had a strange dress sense.
"The name's Iris!" she grinned a toothy grin, turning round to face the guardians. "I'm a guardian, duh! Yet I don't wear a guardian uniform, cuz it's so icky ick ick!" She giggled a little, waving right at Rina.
"Yo, Rina! I'm back! I'm better! And at good timing!" The expression on her face transformed into what seemed to be a serious emotion, fists clenched a little. "Hey, listen, Lolita. How long's it been? I miss the old you. The old you where you were innocent and beautiful. Not a gothic voodoo doll, toyed about by Skulleton."
"Don't talk about my Daddy like that." she snapped. "Let me get along with my business. I'm half tempted to just kill you right there, right now, but it wouldn't be nice to murder my best friend."
"A best friend? I'm glad you still consider me even as an accquaintance, that to be assured." Iris giggled. She tossed her hair to face me again. "Elise, we'll get through greetings later, but right now, will you team up with me, and battle Lolita? I understand the power you hold, and I feel you are still vulnerable alone. Trust me, and we can win this fight?" She held out a hand, with pen ink smeared on it. I threw my hand into hers, shaking it vigorously in agreement. As we let go of the hand embrace, we stepped forward, ready to fight Lolita.

"Ah, then let it be. We will battle here, Iris and friend." Lolita smirked. "The others will battle my little puppy Fluffykins. He is quite sweet, yet so vicious. I will teleport you all to a fragment of time and space, where only you will have to battle. Once the battle is won, you will return here. Good luck." She nodded her head, as the other guardians disappeared. My stomach churned, feeling a little worried now. Being a guardian was a big responsibility, I had yet to realize. I clutched hold of my wand tight, trying to stay calm and collected.
"Let us battle now!!" she cackled, throwing her head back, pointing her wand at both of us.

Next chapter #9; Midnight Wolf vs. The Guardians (Mimi, Kathy, Rina, Eva, Rosie & Bella)
#10; Gothic Brawl: Lolita & her demons vs. Iris & Elise: Holder of the Pisces bracelet.

The End

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