Finally, everyone arrived, their orbs glowing different colours, standing back in single file, Nancy practically scowling right at the back of my head, again. She had a dark purple coloured wand, hers glistening even more than mine. Maybe she holds the power of darkness... 

"So, you're probably wondering why we all need this. Or maybe you haven't. Maybe you're all still confused as to why it's you." Kiki began. My stomach churned. I had a feeling this could be quite some time. "Destiny picked you. In fact, WE chose you. We just had to somehow LEAD you to join this club. You couldn't back down from this. The reason we did, is because we saw talent inside of you, we saw protection, and we saw some of you had some old ancestors that used to be guardians too. We know you can protect this world from the demons. Demons... Are the opposing team. They're dark, they're vicious, and they're hungry for power. They'll pick innocent everyday people to brainwash into demons. They're trying to one day defeat our ultimate leader, Queen Pisces, yet she is disguised, and in hiding. She holds a lot of power, yet it seems to me, that our highness has stepped down, and given her power to someone else." She tossed her head to face me. "Your bracelet, Elise, holds a lot of power. The power to do anything. It is the bracelet of Pisces. Of course, there are other star signs too, but Pisces is the most valuable, as it is a bracelet handed down in a monarchy, it had rare jewels linked up on it, and contains the most power." 

I stared down at my bracelet. It was glowing a bright aqua marine colour, the colour of the sea water below. The jewels and stones began to reflect the beaming sunlight off them. I hid it down a little, trying not to blind anyone. I never really thought much of it, apart from it was just a pretty little charm bracelet that Mia gave me for my 10th birthday... Wait. Mia?! This is sounding fishy, and I need to find out what Mia is hiding from me, and soon.

"Your main job, is to defeat the demons. We need to stop them. They are from the under world, where Satan awaits and his underling Professor Skulleton, and his adopted daughter Lolita stand. They are both dangerous demonic beings, so you should watch out. They look pretty much the same as us everyday human beings, yet they hold powerful beasts in their hands as well, so be extra careful. Your wands hold a lot of power, of which is easy to use. They hold special moves and commands, so learn them wisely." Kiki finished, running out of breath. "Now, I think you should just learn the basics, before we disband and you can relax. Your first assignments will be found on a nearby notice board. Your club will decide what to do, so don't worry (and maybe your teacher as well)."

Eventually, after all the chitter and chatter and questions, we all lined up, facing training dummies in front of us. Kiki began to pace up and down in front of them, looking like we were training to become soldiers in the army, or something. 
"Your task this time, is to use basic powers, in your wand. Just point it forward at your dummy, and hopefully, ding! It should work. Just watch." Kiki bellowed, then demonstrating. She threw her arm forward with wand in hand. ZAP! Electricity bolted out of her orb and the dummy fell to the ground, after being... Well electrocuted. "Easy! You try it!"

Water sprayed everywhere, ice froze the dummies, the bridge would rumble and quake, and sometimes, dummies would burn to a crisp. They'd be electrocuted, twisted round and strangled with grass vines, sharp wisps of air would snap them in half, and dark tornadoes would trap them inside a vortex, causing the dummies to fall into pieces. So many elements, and so many deaths of dummies. . As I threw my wand forward, a large wave of water crashed over the dummy, causing it to drown and die. Poor dummy. Weep weep. I wiped away a small tear from my eye...
"Well done girls, well done!!" Kiki clapped. "Now, please, get back into single file line. Please!" 

Obeying her "majesties" commands, we stood in silence, as Kiki was about to waffle on about more and more... Stuff.
"Well done girls. You have done me proud today. I can officially say, with my hand on my heart, you are guardians of the elements and sky." Kiki grinned, hands on hips, looking bold. I turned my head to see Rina, Rosie, Bella, Eva, Mimi, Kathy, even Miss Kouzen watching me, clapping silently. Rosie and Bella were miming something, probably like "Well done!" or "You rock!". I felt like one of them now. I was in a huge community: A huge family, more like. The family I was supposed to have.
"I think you should all go back to your groups now, and go have a chat and a break, you've worked extremely hard today! Oh, and don't forget to assign yourself a task today." Kiki smiled, as she waved us all off. "See you next month, hopefully, as you grow stronger, and stronger!"

"Elise, you were amazing!" Rosie clapped, as we huddled around a small table, licking ice-creams, Miss Kouzen having to dig around in her purse, extracting a lot of money, being as Bella and Rosie had triple scoops with extra sprinkles and sauce and the list goes on.
I blushed bright red, scratching the back of my head, feeling flattered.
"Yeah, you were great." Mimi smiled, as she began to eat the flake of her ice-cream. "You possess a great power, Elise. That's why we chose you."
"Hey, I'm a newbie. I'm not that strong." I laughed, wiping my mouth with the napkin.
"You do possess a greater power than any of us here. Maybe you'll find out soon." Kathy replied, biting a chunk out of her ice lolly.
"Kiki did tell me. But who is Queen Pisces?" I asked, deep in thought. "I mean, it could be Mia, but anyone could have just given her that bracelet, and she may have just decided to give it to me."
"That's highly unlikely!!" Rina winked. "Every girl is dying to have a bracelet like that. The gems and charms on that bracelet are super duper expensive, yet beautiful! And I'm talking about a normal person, here."
I nodded. Rina was right. Even I, back when I was a normal person, loved the bracelet so much. I'm sure Mia must have a reason as to why she gave it to me. I need to find out soon enough. But not yet. Now is too early on...


A few days later after the event, I awoke early on the morning of Thursday, 15th September, to see the leaves on the trees turning a maple colour, and then began to fall off if a tough wind blew past. In fact, it was extremely windy this morning, my scarf began to whip me round the face. It was officially autumn, yet I felt today would be different to any other day. And I was right. I guess I jinxed it.

As I approached the club room, I saw Eva, Mimi and Bella sitting by a table, sipping tea, and reading books together.
"Morning everybody." I whispered, trying not to break the silence too much. What surprised me most, is Bella. Why was she in school so early? Something was up.
"Ah, good morning, Elise. Please, take a seat. We need to discuss something." Eva smiled, pulling out a chair beside her. I swiftly paced over, eager to hear what she was about to say, sitting beside her and Bella (of whom was engrossed in her book, which is really surprising), Mimi pouring me a cup of tea carefully. I picked up the tea cup from the plate, sipping a little bit, before placing it down, and huddling around the table a little more, taking off my scarf and bag, placing them on the floor, silently.
"Listen, you know, we chose a task today... Well Miss Kouzen did. In fact, we were told to, by Lord Neopolitan himself." Eva began, whispering quietly, making sure if any passers by wouldn't hear. "It's tough. In fact, the reason we were chosen to do this, is because of you, being as... Well you hold the most power out of everyone.... Queen Pisces." I nodded my head, trying to show I understood what she was going on about.  "So we need to get here extra early, being as we need to reach the clock tower in the town by precisely 8:30am. That's sort of when the rush hour is, when commuters and business men and etc will be walking about, and that's when the demons can deal out the most damage. The more people they brainwash, the better chance they have to defeat us. They don't know we're going to be there, of course."
"Hey, clumsy mouth, be careful what you say. There is proof they're underground, and can see what we do, what we say... Everything. That's why we're trying to look quite ordinary, so they shan't suspect anything. But it's kind of failing." Bella glared at Eva. "Thanks to Miss Eva over here."
"Uhm... Sorry guys." she blushed, hiding her face.
"Hey guys, no need to be arguing and stuff. We just need to chill out, and be careful." Mimi winked, of whom was also engrossed in her book. With a nod of her head, Bella passed me a random book entitled "Farm Animal Fun", with finger puppets hanging out of them. I snickered a little. Bella...


8:01am. Everyone was here, casually reading a book. I was just playing with the finger puppets from "Farm Animal Fun", being as I'd read it about 20 times in a row, and could say it all, off by heart. In fact, things looked extremely suspicious with me. Hah. Suddenly, the door slid open, and Miss Kouzen stepped in, looking rather serious.
"Girls... Come to my office now. I will dismiss you and... You will be able to go now." she whispered, looking quite anxious. We followed her out of the room and towards her office. We all quickly dressed ourselves into our guardian uniforms, not looking suspicious AT ALL as we secretively sprinted down the corridors, towards the exit. I clutched tight of my wand. My first battle, and already I was scared.
"You look worried." Kathy whispered, as we began to tiptoe, being as running was a lot more louder, and we were on the second floor. "You needn't be. Things should be fine..."

But things weren't fine. We had a tough battle to fight, that was for sure. We were swimming in deep waters and now I had began to doubt the power of the guardians. 

"They're falling into our trap..."
"This is going very well, Daddy."
"Indeed they are, sweetie. Do me proud, please. Come back, with that bracelet. I only accept success, in this society. Failure is not an option."
"Good luck, Lolita..." 

The End

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