We all stood silently in single file (the newbies, that was), holding out our arms to receive our wands. Everyone received ordinary wands, with a small grey-ish orb planted at the end, glistening in the sun light, apart from me. I received a much large wand, with a blue orb instead. 
"You receive a special wand, instead. You wield more important powers than others, that is why." Kiki winked, as she practically threw my wand right into my face. I examined the wand. It was strange, but I felt like I held some important power as I held it. Nancy stood right behind me, I could completely feel the aura of her jealousy screaming out at me. 
"Um, excuse me Kiki!!" she coughed, trying to attract attention. "Do I happen to get a wand like Elise?"
"Hah, no. Never. You'll have to work for it." Kiki spat, pacing down the line to hand out more wands.

As soon as the wands were distributed, our training session began, when we would finally become... Guardians of the sky, you could say.
"Now, girls, listen!!" Kiki bellowed at the top of her voice. "We're going to learn how to fly first!" Hardly anyone could hear her, being as everyone around us was staring, and chatting and gossiping. Probably about me. I never really ASKED to stick out...
"GIRLS!!" Kiki shrieked, pointing her wand at the large group of girls grouped around us newbies. Suddenly, electricity zapped out of it, shocking each and every guardian. The quickly flew away into the breeze, after being... Electrocuted, but mildly, I guess. I sure hope Skyblade club wasn't harmed.
Every newbie gasped, shocked as to what happened. Was it even legal?! They immediately knew not to get on the wrong side of Kiki, so they kept their lips pursed together tightly, including me, of course.
"Oh, don't worry girls. They were perfectly fine. Just a mild shock, t'was all." Kiki cackled, much like a witch. We all shrugged our shoulders, mouths still shut. "Now then, how about we now LEARN how to fly?!" 
I could hear Nancy's head shaking vigorously, trying to show off her confidence. I wanted to desperately say something, but hey, I'm a cool cucumber, right? Probably the understatement of the century, but whatever.
"First of all, we put our right foot forward, or left foot forward, if your left handed!" Kiki demonstrated. We all obeyed, mimicking her. "Then you swing your other leg forward, so that's in the air, then with that, you leap!!" Suddenly, Kiki began to levitate above the ground, and was now flying. Everyone clapped, as Kiki then curtseyed, trying to show off as if it was a serious stunt. It was probably quite simple, yet I couldn't say that because me being me, it'd probably take me a century.

I swung my right foot forward (Yes, I'm a lefty!), then leaped up, to see myself... Flying?!! I grinned inside, trying to look like a cool cucumber, yet I was probably radiating happiness and cheerfulness by my rosy red cheeks. Everyone else looked up at me. I was completely embarrassing myself, as well. Dammit.
"Hey! I can see up your skirt!" Nancy laughed as she attempted to copy me, then fell flat on her face.
Then I suddenly realized... I blushed an even brighter red, starting to fly forwards to where Kiki was hovering, to not embarrass myself even more. Every single girl was laughing, and pointing at me, legs crossed, skirt tucked in between them.
"Hey, don't worry Mrs Red-face. Every other girl here is wearing a skirt too, so unless your wearing some huge white bloomers, I wouldn't worry." Kiki smirked, as I covered up my face. 
"And that's also why we separate the boys from the girls. You know, yeah.." Kiki laughed, as more people began to take to the skies, and fly. Everyone, except for Nancy.

"Hey, Nancy." Kiki giggled, zooming towards her, arms spread out. "Having trouble? How about you actually use your RIGHT leg instead of your LEFT leg, you idiot!"
"How do you know I'm right handed?!" Nancy bellowed, who then managed to fly.
"Psychic." Kiki sneered, twisting and turning. "Alright girls, I guess you can now have a little bit of freedom to fly about for a bit. Have fun. And try not to fall into the sea!!"
Grinning, I held my arms out like wings, and soared down towards the choppy waves, spiralling downwards and downwards, until my stomach just got splashed by a particularly high wave. I dipped my hand into the chilly water, pondering on the question why exactly did Bella and Rosie go swimming in such cold water. Well, I guess the shore is a long way out, so it's gotta be cooler here, and I'm in the shade. 
"HEY! Everyone look at ME!" I heard a familiar voice shout. Everyone stopped in their tracks, to turn, and hover, to see Nancy, floating just above the railings of the bridge. "I will now attempt a synchronized dive, WITHOUT actually jumping into the water!" Two girls nearby snickered, of whom weren't newbies, being as they were wearing frilly white dresses, which was apparently, the signature guardian uniform. A drum roll played inside my head, as Nancy then took off, flipping, and twisting and turning and making shapes with her body (N-A-N-C-Y, how she did that I don't know, but I shouldn't really question it), when...


"Nancy!!" a sharp voice pierced through the whole surroundings. Before I could even check to see who it was, a lightning bolt zapped through the air, electrocuting the drenched Nancy, who was treading water, looking rather agitated and annoyed.


"Right. Now that we are all ready for the next challenge, and now that one person is out of the water..." Kiki coughed, especially at the "one person is out of the water". Heads turned to face Nancy, whose hair was in a rats tails fashion, using her towel as a cloak. 
"I don't see why you're all looking at me!" she snapped, teeth chattering, face sheet white. 
"Ahem, yes." Kiki bellowed over the top of Nancy. "How about we start our next challenge, which is to now use basic powers with our wands. Each of your wands will need to be charged up with energy, known as mana. Mana is pretty easy to obtain, but we will require to go up "above" to the skies." Kiki pointed upwards with her finger. "Any guardian can survive after going out of the atmosphere, and good thing too, because we're going there right now. Each wand is carefully chosen just for you. You will each be chosen into a clan, of the elements. Some of you will obtain the power of electricity, some the power of fire and some the power of air. You will need to go to the "Bank of Mana" up above, then exchange in your wand, of which will then be charged with mana. Once you're finished, come back down to the bridge. It's just a straight upwards path, so no need to take diversions. Clear?"
After a long explanation, we all nodded our heads carefully, before launching up into the air. I was still a little nervous, because I wasn't sure whether one of us would end up stop breathing and die, if they weren't "real" guardians... But I shouldn't doubt Kiki. She may be a bit of an imbecile, but she's fair, and honest... Or was it some sick joke?! Whatever. Bella and Rosie survived, somehow.

After a long fly up, we reached up above, where large clouds floated past... The guardian society. I looked around, gasping. It was like a huge metropolitan city, yet in the sky! And I could breathe! I shouldn't have doubted Kiki. Everyone slowly made their way to the Bank of Mana, however, a few guardians got easily distracted and ran around like lunatics in the abandoned city. However, after a few seconds, they were caught by guards, and were sent back into the queue. It didn't seem like many people lived up in the Guardian Society, as they had normal lives too, yet the more important, higher classed guardians probably had to spend the majority of the time up in the clouds... Ah, whatever. I couldn't help but gaze around the place. Skyscrapers stood tall, made completely out of glass, towering over us all. The bank of mana was like a huge fairytale castle, yet behind this all, large gardens filled with exotic, strange flowers bloomed in the bushes, with an even larger, elaborate building stood, of which looked like a playhouse from this distance... Yet it was a castle. Perculiar hover-cars were parked in the street, and large beanstalks grew, as things were built into tiers. I bet right at the top, an even larger castle stood. Things were so peaceful, guardians lived in harmony... It was a haven of happiness...

"Ahem, you can move along now." a bold looking officer coughed, pointing me forwards. Two girls walked out of the bank together, holding their wands, wearing frilly white dresses, both unique and different. One of their orbs were a light brown, and another an ivy green. As they leaped down from the edge of the cloud, they began their descent towards normal life. As I stepped into the bank, everything was so fancy. The elaborate designs on the large pillars, the lush red carpet, the kind you'd find in a film premier, and identical looking guardians stood behind their desks, the glass protecting them, with a gap underneath to fit your wand through. 
"Next, please." one of them said, in a sweet, plastic voice, into their microphone. I stepped forward, pushing forward my wand underneath the gap.
"Oh, wow." she gasped, her glasses practically falling off. "Um, yes! We will now commence charging. Please wait a moment." She picked up her own wand from her desk, pointing it at me. "Please stand still. Your clothes will be safe here. Please collect them after the ceremony." With a quick zap, and my hair then going static, I found myself wearing a pure, snow, white dress, frills right at the skirt, and a large bow at my chest. I smiled, curtseying.
"Thank you very much." I thanked her, as she suddenly disappeared to collect my fully charged wand. The orb was now a lighter blue tone, and even more glittery and sparkly.
"Here you go." she passed it under the gap again. "Fully charged. Thank you very much, your Highness."
Confused, I bowed my head, perplexed as to why she addressed me as if I was a royal queen or princess or something. As I paced myself out the bank, I then began my descent downwards again, where Kiki waited impatiently, arms folded, foot tapping on the floor.
"Ah, hello, Elise." Kiki winked, as I approached her, about to ask her why did that strange woman behind the desk addressed me as a royal monarch or something.
"Kiki, can I ask you a question?" I asked, examining my wand. Perhaps this is a wand that a royal monarch used to hold. "Whilst I was up in the bank of mana, one of the women behind the desks addressed me as if I was a queen or something. Why is this?"
Kiki's eyes widened, slightly frozen for a second.
"You'll see." she snapped out of her random state, going back into her cool cucumber mood.

And I never realized how important I was in this guardian business. I wasn't just Elise Brownie, who had quite a depressing life so far, in fact, I was seen very different. 

The End

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