We sat eagerly, as the train pulled into the station. As the doors opened with a brush of the bristles to stop the friction of the two colliding, we all charged out at once, ready to explore. How could no one even know about such a heavenly place? It'd be a great tourist hotspot, that's for sure, and they'd rake in the money, that's for sure. Rosie jumping over the ticket gates, followed by Bella, the rest of us got trapped by the darn barriers. The machines took so long to process the tickets, I had began to grow impatient. I'm surprised Rosie and Bella didn't even get caught, but hey, maybe they got used to the pair of them being complete idiots. And I'm surprised Miss Kouzen kept her lips tight as well. Maybe she wanted to do the same? Hah, as if. I can never imagine that.

"Come on girls!" Miss Kouzen bellowed, leaping over the ticket barrier, like a horse over a jump. Well. I guess now I can imagine that. How one elegant, glamorous woman can do such a thing, I'll never know, and to ruin her reputation, in a sense, as well (but she is a PE teacher, you know). Finally the machine with a groan and a moan, spat out my ticket again, after a long digestion, that was then, we were let loose, and free.

Freedom smelt good.

The sun beamed down onto my forehead, holding my arms out, we all ran down the cobbled stone path, free like a bird, catching the wind inside our blazers. We sang in a jolly tone, breaking the silence of the abandoned town, Bella squealing, her eyes scanning the scene. 
"Miss! Please can we go to the beach!" Rosie pleaded, practically on her knees.
"Guys. Guys." Miss Kouzen panted, out of breath, after trying to catch up with us all. We all laughed, being as she is SUPPOSED to be a PE teacher yet she was out of breath by a small distance. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, and I guess it must be a tough task to keep up with the energetic Bella and Rosie. "Please, come on, remember we have to get back onto task. And it is September, so the sea might be a little chilly..."
"Aw, come on Miss! We only come here once a month!" Bella begged, also down on her knees, hands clasped together. "Please? Just for a little bit?!"
With a look around, Miss Kouzen could see the rest of us asking her too, but in a more polite fashion, and more normal fashion.
"Ah, okay, just for 5 minutes!!" Miss Kouzen warned us, shaking her finger vigorously, for bigger emphasis and to prove us she was serious. And trust me, you never wanna get on the wrong side with Miss Kouzen.
"Yipeee!" Bella and Rosie chorused, slapping a high five whilst in mid-air, they raced down the road, stumbling on the uneven path every now and then. I must admit, I'd probably copy them, but I don't want to wear myself out before the archery competition.

Slowly, I stepped onto the sand, curling my toes up, to test if the sand was soft or not. Gripping them tightly between my toes, I wriggled them about, and indeed they were soft. I let go, then began to tread through the sand, my feet sinking towards the centre of the earth. The others had already made it to the shore, where as I was too busy observing from a different distance. Two little figures were dancing about in the crystal clear sea, of which I thought I saw steam rising from (obviously, Bella and Rosie). Kathy was knelt down near a rock pool, looking rather intrigued and observant, then there was Miss Kouzen and Mimi catching the sun rays, Rina trying to build a huge sand castle and Eva standing just by the crashing waves at the shore, gazing up at the cloud-less blue canvas. I slowly approached beside her, burying my feet into the damp sand, letting the waves crash onto my barefooted feet. 
"Skyblade is a beautiful place, isn't it?" Eva smiled, breath-taken. "You know, we just used to be the old archery club, but Rina named us Skyblade, after this beautiful town." 
"I figured as much." I nodded, laughing a little.
"Rina's so full of energy. She's a great leader, but she tends to clash with Rosie a lot." Eva sighed. "But hey, we wouldn't be the Skyblade club if we weren't, would we?"
I nodded slightly, then snapping back into daydream mode.

"Hey, it's time." Rina slowly approached beside Eva, saying it in a low voice.
Rina waved with a flick of her hand, then the two small figures that were almost drowning (or so it seemed) in the sea began swimming back to shore, and Kathy slowly ducked in. She nodded her head up to the Skyblade bridge, that shadowed over part of the sea, to see a tiny dot standing at the centre of the bridge, wearing a long cloak and had a long grey beard, that made him look wise.

"SKYBLADERS! IT'S TIME! COME REJOICE, IT'S THE TIME OF THE MONTH, WE WILL CELEBRATE, THE GUARDIANS OF THE SKY!!" Suddenly the figure yelled, and quite loudly, as it began to echo across the land.

"Listen, get to the bridge, right away!" Rina commanded me, throwing her finger over to the top of the winding road that lead to the start of the bridge, and it could also be the end. With a nod of my head, I began to run over when suddenly...

"WAHHHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, Mimi grabbing a hold of my arm, throwing me onto her back, and... Launching up into the air?! Flying?! I kicked my legs around, and I could feel the air wrapping around my feet.
"Mimi! What are you doing!?" I asked, flailing my arms about. Am I dreaming?! Pinch me!!
"I'm flying!!" she squealed, flipping and twisting and turning.

I looked around at the others. They too, were doing exactly the same, throwing themselves around in the sky, flipping around in circles. My eyes were not believing what they were seeing.

After my stomach twisted itself into what seemed to be a knot, we reached the top of the constructed bridge that had placed itself over the sea. I was breath-taken. What had I let myself in for? That question was yet to be answered. Yet more people flew in: Even people who were not part of our Skyblade club. Was this the archery competition? I highly doubt it. The bearded man beside me suddenly turned to face me, his cloak hiding most of his features.
"Ah, you are Elise, no?" he replied, in what seemed to be in an Italian accent. "I am Lord Neopolitan. I am from Naples, Italy, and I am the leader of the Skyblade Society: Guardians of the Sky & Elements." Everything sounded so elaborate and over the top. I couldn't even make out what he was saying most of the time, but I nodded, to sound polite.
His eyes suddenly darted down to my wrist, to see my bracelet. He nodded, smirking to himself. "You have a lot to come. I am glad you will do us well here, and I am almost certain you will succeed." he grinned. "Now, can you please stand over here with the other new members. You will need to embark on a trainee course first." 

This bracelet?! Ah, I dunno. What does he know about it? What does this tell us? I mean... Mia just gave it to me for a birthday present...

Obeying his commands, I slowly walked over to a group of girls, who all looked nervous and terrified, they too, looked sheet white. All except for one, who was too bold and too big for her own boots.
"I, happen to be extremely good at archery, and I think I'll be a natural at this guardian business. You will all fail!" she laughed, throwing her arms into all sorts of poses. The others all just gaped at her, nodding their heads.
"Oh, look! Another newbie! What's your name, little girl!?" she snapped, pointing her finger at me, tossing her hair aside.
"Elise." I bellowed back, getting pretty agitated, but I tried to keep my cool.
"Elise is a losers name. You will fail, that I am for sure. The name's Nancy. Nancy Butsworth. I'd shake your hand, but I don't want to get cooties." she raised her eyebrow, throwing her hand back. I frowned, slowly pacing myself to the back of the line.

"GIRLS!" A sharp voice pierced my ear. 
A tall figure fell from the sky, landing on two feet. With aqua marine coloured hair, in a straight fashion, and a white frilly dress on, the quirky girl winked at everyone. "Kiki is in the house!!"
"You sure know how to make an entrance..." Lord Neopolitan murmured under his breath, yet it was loud enough for me to hear. Other important figures appeared, slowly lining up beside the Lord, bowing their heads.

"The sky... It changes colour everyday...

And I dream, I dream, I keep on dreaming, then I climb, and I climb, but each time I fall...." everyone began to sing, in unison. Everyone except the newbies, who seemed to be clueless. "I'll keep on trying, but I know I'll never succeed.

I'm just an angel that fell from heaven, but everyday, I keep on trying to find my way home. 

But it's not easy, not easy, when there's someone following your trails.

I'll fight a tough battle, and that's for sure. I'll brawl until the sun goes down, and try to heal the wounds.

So I'll keep on, keep on, keep on dreaming.

I'll probably never find my way home, but we're the sky society, we'll act graceful with elegance."

I couldn't help but smile. It was a light-hearted tune, that certainly fitted the theme of the Skyblade club and their members. Everyone then curtseyed in unison, and were then dismissed to do whatever they wished. Everyone, except us. The newbies and Nancy. 

"Alright girls! Let's begin the training!! You're a guardian now! There's no turning back!" the eccentric looking Kiki giggled, with a sinister expression spread all over her face. 

It wasn't just coincedence I joined this club. It was all because of the bracelet Mia gave me. I had a huge responsibility to hold, and I'm not sure whether I could stick to it, but as long as I gave it my all, I couldn't complain.

I'll keep on trying, but I know I'll never succeed.

The End

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