Darkness surrounded me, yet I stood there, isolated in an empty school gym. Guess I got the WRONG idea of early. Lying on the floor, curled up with a blazer as a blanket, eyelids firmly shut, I kept tossing and turning, hoping for a bit of sleep. Anyone would have thought I was homeless, if they walked it.
"Elise?" I heard an angelic voice whisper, quietly tiptoeing in. 
Jumping to my feet immediately, my eyes met with... The... Dream... Soothing... Angel...
"Elise, I think you're still half asleep." the voice giggled, as I fell to the floor again, losing all use of my arms and limbs. As I struggled to open my eyes once again, I saw a young girl, towering above me. She looked worried, her posture all contained, being as I just collapsed. Literally.
"Elise, are you okay?" she asks me again. I nod my head gently, as I manage to snap into reality again, slowly pulling myself up.
Ah... It was Eva. Why was she in school so early? Oh well... Maybe she's an early bird. 

We huddled around a table which we found in the what seemed to be like a dump of a storage cupboard, scarves up to our noses, using our coats like blankets dressed in a cloak like fashion. 
"Mimi should be here in a bit. Hopefully she'll bring us some nice warm coffee or tea to warm us up." she smiled, or that's what I thought she said, being as her voice was muffled by her scarf.
We sat in silence. It was too early in the morning to even think. I couldn't even make conversation, I was drifting off back to sleep... I felt like I was dead, like a zombie. I tried not to sound unsociable, often saying "It's so cold..." or "I'm freezing...". 

"Good morning everyone!" a cheerful voice echoed through the empty gym. Mimi. In fact, she was so jolly and energetic, the sun literally woke up and jumped up high into the sky. "I've got tea! But, I need to quickly dash to the club room. All the china and tea pots are up there."
She stood awkwardly in the doorway as she was about to go. "Can I leave my stuff here?"
Both Eva and I nodded our heads in unison, as she threw her bags onto the floor, then carefully placing the flask on our table.
"Be back in a second!" she panted, running out the doorway.

Silence. Not a peep. I guess Eva's just a shy person. I rested my head against the cool table, shutting my eyes, combing my hair with my fingers.
"Are you still a little sleepy?" Eva giggled again. "So am I. I woke up extra early so I could get here. I thought I should practice myself a little. My archery skills are lacking."
Slowly raising my head up from the table, I bellowed (being as my scarf was still tied around my nose and mouth, to warm me up, which was failing): "Well... I think you'll be fine. You won't be as bad as me, that's for sure. I've only just joined!"
"Well... I'm sure you'll be fine. You're quite a sporty person, from what Bella tells me. In fact, Bella tells me many things about you. She really looks up to you, you know. Or she just likes embarrassing people." chuckled Eva, who seemed to be slowly crawling out her shell, and more confident.
"What?! You mean she's told you about the time where I... No, I can't even THINK about it!" I blushed a bright red, tugging hard on my hair.
"You mean about the time you entered the nursery talent competition and sung a little nursery rhyme? Teehee..." Eva laughed, wiping a tear from her eye.
I threw my head to the table. BELLA! YOU'RE GETTING PAYBACK SOON!! Fists clenched.


After more embarrassing tales about the good times, everyone arrived in the gym. We drunk tea and Kathy helped me out by teaching me how to use a bow properly and so on. In fact, if I do say so myself, I weren't half bad.
"Ah! Nice one!" Kathy clapped her hands, as the arrow sliced through to a bullseye. "You may be a newbie, but by golly, you're certainly a natural!"
"Well..." I blushed, feeling flattered, when...
"Um! Excuse me, ladies!" a sharp voice shrieked, ringing through the corridors, and the gym.
Heads turned, tea cups down, knees shaking.
"Miss Kouzen! We can explain!" Rina bellowed, looking mortified. She certainly wasn't the person to want to get into any trouble. "Well... It's the Skyblade festival, today... You know... It's a big day for our newbie here." Rina grinned, pulling me over by my sleeve. Waaah.
"Oh... I see." Miss Kouzen nodded, turning on her heel. "Carry on then. Oh and by the way. I'll be here to pick you up in an hour. Be prepared."
With that, she rushed down the corridors again, papers and files flying out of her folded. Kind of a klutzy teacher, if I do say so. But what did shock me, is the fact she didn't even CARE about the fact we were dodging lessons just to practice for a measly festival, that happens on a regular basis, anyway!
"You'll understand why she let us off, soon." Bella grinned, bouncing on a trampoline, twisting and turning and flipping. And I'm surprised she didn't even get in trouble for not practising or doing something particularly helpful. 
I nodded my head, picking up my bow and arrow again.
"Now then, how about you try it with your left hand now?" Kathy smiled, helping me alter to my left hand. It's like I was a baby.

But Bella was right. Miss Kouzen wasn't just the clumsy PE teacher who everyone loved. No, in fact, she had an even bigger secret to hide from the academic world. A huge secret, even I was shocked to hear. 


I braced myself as the train zoomed down the track, the tunnel lights all but a blur, lighting the little caterpillar's way and each segment was a carriage. I pressed my hands against the glass, waiting for the view to take my breath away.
"We're almost there!" Rosie winked at me, who was also eager. In fact, she was probably more excited than me, and she knows what's coming. I could hear her breath panting, which fogged up the grubby glass, fingerprints smeared everywhere.

I could see the bright sun beaming from down the end of the tunnel, a few rays cracking through. My heart began to beat faster and faster, it was so loud you could hear it from a million miles away. 

"Wow!!" I gasped, as the tunnel edged away and the breath taking scenery uncovered itself. It was... Beautiful. 

The glistening waves of the sea crashed calmly against the soft, sandy beach, and a large white bridge constructed itself over the waves and across to a high peak of a hill, where beautiful villas lie and watch the scenery. It was like being on holiday. Exotic flowers bloomed in the bushes and tropical palm trees swayed with the gentle breeze in rhythm. 
"It's still as beautiful as ever..." Mimi sighed under her breath, as she silently tiptoed her way next to me. 
"I want to go to the beach!" Rosie grinned jumping up and down.
"Yeah! I wanna go swimming!" Bella squealed, who was dashing up and down the carriage, trying to get different perspectives of the place that is... Skyblade Town.

But Skyblade town wasn't just a tranquil place hidden away from civilization, that no one ever really knew about. Oh no, in fact, Skyblade town was hiding a completely different secret I had to still learn about.

The Guardians of The Sky and Elements. 

The End

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