Everyone crowded around a singular table, as Mimi poured piping hot coffee from the tea pot into individual tea cups. I sipped elegantly, trying to give off a good impression, but failing.

"So, everyone, you know it's an important date tomorrow." Eva smiled, as she put down the cup from her lips. "The Skyblade event is tomorrow. Once a month, we all meet up at the Skyblade bridge, where we converse with other members of archery clubs, and so on. Also, you know we'll be competing in an archery competition too, hm?"
"Gah! That's true!" Rina gasped, brushing her fingers back into her hair. "And Elise has only just joined! How will she practice enough in time?!"
"Well, Rina could practice before the event, if we ask Miss Kouzen to excuse us from class?" Kathy suggested, hand in air.

Everyone went silent. The corridors were silent. The classrooms were silent. Even outside the school grounds were silent. It was as if everyone heard Kathy's terrible idea.

"You know, that's not a bad idea!"  Rosie grinned. "Being as Miss WAS actually a part of Skybla--"
"SHUSH." Rina hissed, causing Rosie to stop her sentence. "You know that's confidential..." She paused. "ER! Um! About her being a part of Skyblade when she was young!" She chuckled, practically sweating bullets.
Hmm... What are they hiding from me, that they don't want me to know?

"Well, it's not a bad idea, at least." Bella winked, practically chugging down the coffee from her mug. "And besides, she'll find out soon enough, right?"
"True..." Mimi nodded, pouring more coffee into Bella's mug.
"Well, being as the gym is occupied this evening, we can't practice after school. Try and get here extra early tomorrow morning, okay, Elise?" Rina nodded, holding a thumb up.
I nodded, smiling, yet curious to find out about what they were talking about with Miss Kouzen and... Well, whatever they were trying to hide from me.
"Well, come on then, the bell will ring any minute, best make our way to our classes!" Rosie waved, as she begun to pack things into her bag.
When everyone was ready, we said our rushed goodbyes before splitting up and sprinting down the corridors at lightning speed before we were late for our lessons.


My keyrings rattled as I rummaged around in my blazer pocket retrieving the keys to my home. As I begun to unlock the door, I realized that my keys only turned a partial angle before stopping. If I twisted it more, then it would open the door, meaning the door was unlocked. My stomach churned, the thought our house had been burgled... Gah, I'm such a worrier. I bet Mia got home from work early. As they keys jangled as I finally opened the door, I walked into the fresh room, everything so neat and organized, even the books were arranged in alphabetical order on the bookshelf. Guess it was housework day... 
I slung my bag on the stair banister, chucking off my shoes from my feet and throwing my blazer across the hallway. Sniffing in deep, I smelt the fresh aroma of cleaning fluids and polished photo frames. Dragging myself into the living room, I saw Mia slumped on the sofa, looking tired and worn out.
"Good afternoon." she sighed, having to change posture to look at me sat on the sofa to the left of her. "Good day at school?"
"Yeah. I joined a new club. Skyblade club, an archery group or something. We're going to some archery competition tomorrow, so I was hoping I could go to Kouyen (the local leisure centre) this evening?"
As I mentioned Skyblade, Mia's eyes widened. I kept my mouth zipped, yet I had to ask her about this sometime. Did she have any connections with the Skyblade club?
"Well..." she swallowed a gulp of orange squash. "That's good you've started to go meet new people. But we're busy this evening... And it's my fault you can't go, because I should have told you earlier."
Intrigued, I sat up in my seat, ears pricked up.
"You're.... Visiting your mother this evening. Right now, in fact." she sighed, getting up from her what was almost permanent seat. She looked like she was glued to it.

My face just changed hue, to a bright red. Fists clenched, arms folded, I sat cross legged, now gluing myself to the seat.
"I refuse to go!" I bellowed, as Mia walked back in, throwing my coat at me, muffling my voice.

"I refuse to go!!" I bellowed even louder, sitting in the back of the car, coat still covering my face.
"What's that? I can't hear you." Mia chuckled, with a throttle of the car engine.

We stood outside the prison gates, of which was heavily guarded with many police officers. I gulped, my scarf covering up my mouth. I intended it to stay there through out the whole visit. I refused to make contact with my mother ever again.
"Look... I'm sorry, Elise. It's just I don't want to get in trouble myself. I'll try to end the visit quickly, and then maybe we'll go out to eat, for my apologies?" Mia looked at me, worried in case she had upset me. It's not her fault after all. It's just my stubborn mother, that's all. She can't take no for an answer.

Sitting at the table, my knees were wobbling, my palms were sweating, my arms were shaking... It's like I was afraid of my mother.
I peered round the corner, and there, my mother paced over, big smile, rosy cheeks... I rolled my eyes.
"Eliiiiiise! How are you, honey?!" she grinned.
"I actually was having a great day, until I found out I had to come visit you." I frowned, sitting up right in my chair.
"Aw, well, I'm sorry, it's just I want to see my little Elli every now and then." she blushed, clasping her hands together. "Speaking of which, you're not so little now, are you!? You're 13 years old! Gosh, how time flies!"
"You say time flies, but really every day drags by in prison, doesn't it? Don't you etch on the walls how long you've been there now, in a tally? Sometimes I wish you got a life sentence." I snapped, avoiding eye contact with her.
"Well... Time flies whenever I'm with you." she smiled combing her tangled hair.
"Well, you know what? Time just drags along whenever I see you." I bellowed, getting up from my chair, storming out the room.
"Elise! The visit isn't over yet!" I could hear the desperate calls by my mother as I sat back in the waiting room.
It finished long ago, mother. I never want to see your face again... 

After about 5 minutes of my mother screaming for her Elli back, and Mia trying to persuade her not to ever speak with me ever again... We made it outside the wretched place. Freedom smelt good, and I weren't even the one with regrets and mistakes in life.

But things somehow made sense, when the events of the next day completely threw my life upside down. 

The End

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