I slowly trekked up the deserted hill, the sun rays peaking through at the peak. It was a steep path, that was for sure, as I was starting to gasp for air, getting out of breath. My eyes would scan the scene, every step uncovering a new world... Well, not really new, but something changes here everyday, whether it be a stray scrap of litter, or a new "Lost" poster screaming out at you as you walk past each lamp post. Oh, I'm ever so observant. Yet I can be such a lazy fool at times.

"ELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!" a voice yells at the top of their lungs. I slowly turn my head, but not too much in case it was like a murderer or thug or something. I quickened my pace, just in case, but...
"Elise! It's me, Bella!" the voice bellows again, echoing down the empty street, or so it seemed.
Stopping in my tracks, I looked behind me to see a girl, arms flailing everywhere, rose red face, holding a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste... In fact, many things. It's like she was moving house... Or moving school, in that case. It didn't surprise me, in any case, this was in fact a daily routine for Bella and I. After managing to catch up with me, we slowly made our way to school, gossiping about anything and everything.

"Say, Elise, do you do anything before school? Like, any club meetings and stuff?!" she asked, looking quite curious.
"Nope, not really... I mean, all I do is just sit at my desk, finish off any homework or chat with friends and stuff..." I replied, thinking of why she asked me such a random question.
"Well, the archery club AKA Skyblade Club are recruiting more members!" Bella squealed excitedly, rummaging around in her filled to the brim satchel, to retrieve a scrunched up piece of paper. She unscrewed it to reveal quite an amateur-ish looking poster, with little stick figures holding bows and arrows... Bella... "Every year we try and recruit people but they're never interested! It saddens me... But, I figure being as you're quite sporty, you'd enjoy it, right?!"
"Yeah, I mean why not?" I grinned, trying not to take much notice of the badly drawn poster.
"YIPPEEEE!" she screamed, dancing down the street, dragging me with her by my arm. Me? I just played along with it, like a cool cucumber. Well, I wasn't so cool, as I was being completely embarrassed and literally every resident down the street was peeping through their curtains.

"GOOOOD MORNING EVERYBOOOOODYYY! WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER!" Bella yelled at the top of her voice, kicking the door open, pushing me forwards, causing me nearly to stumble and fall flat on my face.
Inside, nearly every head turned to face me, apart from a girl sitting in the corner, who was so focused on her videogame, she didn't even notice, and good thing too.
"Good morning Bella and new recruit!" a bold looking girl grinned, pushing up the glasses that were propped onto the ridge of her nose. "Your name and age, please?"
"Elise Brownie (I really dislike my last name, being as... It reminds me of chocolate brownies... NO! My stomach is groaning again...), aged 13." I smiled weakly, bowing my head, eyes darting round the room. Wow, so this is the archery club's meeting room? It looks more like a nursery... I bet this is Bella's doing with these little teddy bears and butterfly ornaments... 
"Ah! Elise, hello! My name is Rina, the club leader! This is our club room as you can see..." Rina begun to babble on when...

"HEY!" a voice snapped. With a blink of the eye, the girl who was completely glued to her videogames console, had raced across the room at lightning speed, with a look of dismay on her face. "Listen RI-NA! We already agreed I was co-leader, and technically, co-leader is FAR more important than leader."
"The leader rules the roost! The co-leader is just the little puppy that follows by the leader's side!" Rina bellowed back, hands on hips.
Grahh... I've gotten a headache from all this shouting and whatnot.
"Guys, please, quieten down, it's still early in the morning." a softer voice butted in from within the arguing... It was... The voice? From my flashback? Using my hearing senses, I turned my head to see a young girl, with honey coloured hair and big brown eyes sitting at a desk, looking troubled. 
"YOU'RE THE ANGEL WHO SAVED ME? RIGHT?!" I gasped, dashing over to the girl, kneeling beside her.
"Um... I don't even know you...?" she blushed, looking flustered. 

"Ahem. How about we introduce everyone here, BEFORE we start chatting?" Rina bellowed loudly, causing the floor to vibrate.
Everyone nodded in agreement, Bella and the "co-leader" slowly moping back to their seats.

"My name is Bella, but you already know me! I love teddy bears and I'm really energetic!" Bella giggled, clapping her hands.
"My name is Eva, and I like shopping and fashion..." the "angel" smiled, bowing her head.
"My name is Rosie! I like videogames!! Teehee!" the "co-leader" grinned, finally introducing herself.
"My name is Mimi, I like music and sports." another girl smiled weakly.
"My name is Kathy and I love anything to do with nature." yet another girl greeted me, reading a book.
"ANNND my name is Rina! I like ARCHERRRRRRY!"

I laughed, introducing myself... Unaware of what I put myself in for. This wasn't just an archery club. It was a lot more... 

The End

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