Sky High.

The world is broken, split into two... Except, no one realizes what's really going on. Demons are haunting the world we everyday humans walk in, breathe in, sleep in... We are oblivious to the possible danger. They're hungry for power, and they're brainwashing innocent beings in the hundreds, on a daily basis. We could call this the apocalypse... But someone's there to stop the madness. In fact... Many people are.

Sitting there at the abandoned breakfast table, my eyes dart around the room. A single candle flickers in the darkness as the sun struggles to rise at dawn, yet this flame is not enough for my eyes. Every now and then, my eyes shift to the grand clock face, of which seems to be broken, either that or I'm stuck in a fragment of time. Or it could just be that the day is dragging along, so slowly, and it hasn't even made it to 6am. Yet. Slumping my head to the table, my stomach groans and grumbles, hungry for anything, anything to digest into my empty stomach. I could eat a horse, but that's just cruel. My eyelids slowly shut, the darkness engulfing me... Ah... Ah... Ahhh...

"Elise! The time you actually wake up early, you'll be late for school!" a voice bellows into my ear hole, suddenly making me suddenly bolt up from my lazy posture into a 90 degree angle.
Dammit. I must have fallen asleep. My stomach starts screaming again in a deep voice, swallowing nothing but air.  My palms are shaking, my legs are shaking, my whole body is shaking. I need sugar, and fast. 
"I'll leave straight away, as soon as I have breakfast." I yell, trying to act like it's an urgent situation. 
"Or, you can just make it yourself, lazy bones." the voice replies. I regain conciousness, and realize who it is. Mia... My mother... Or my guardian, you could say. She's not my real mother. I despise my real mother. She is a disgrace to me. I am ashamed of her, and what she did. Mia is the mother I was supposed to have. She cares for me, and she... Saved me.

NnNnnOoO... Throwing my hands to my head, I fly off the chair and land with a thud onto the floor, completely unharmed... But stuck, paralyzed... No... Not this memory... NoOoooOooO!! 

"Do you want to continue falling and live in a haven of peace and happiness... Or live in a life filled with mistakes and regret... Are you afraid of death? Death is... Beautiful. The light is soothing... The pain you feel... Will disappear. Death is kind to you. But, you have a long life ahead of you, and you fear death, maybe when you realize... You will change your mind."
"If that is your wish... Let it be granted."

I am never too sure whether Mia is the angel who saved me... But I am almost certain it is her, without a shadow of a doubt. She saw my pain and agony, and she healed it with her soothing voice and nature. Thank you...

"Elise!!" I hear her voice again. That voice. The same voice who saved my life. I manage to regain conciousness, and sit up, scratching my head, confused. That's when I remember... This is reality.
"Mia... Look, uh... It was the bad dream again, or... Flashback... Whatever." I reply, trying to sound vague, without the pictures of the memories rushing back into my mind.
"Listen, you... I know it's hard living with it... But... You need to take a chill pill." Mia starts, kneeling beside me, arm round my shoulder, time for a motherly talk. "No one lives a perfect life. Perfection does not exist. Sometimes you have to admit the truth... However! We've wiped the slate clean, haven't we? We've forgotten the past... Well..." She paused, sighing. "I guess I can't really understand the pain you've have to go through. I apologise. It must be really tough for you." She patted my head, handing me a plate of toast, silently walking back to the kitchen, without a word or a peep.

It's a long story, but the fragments will be fitted together soon. Then you'll understand... Perhaps.

My father pushed me off the top of a 50 storey high building. Someone saved my life. Somehow. Word got to my mother. My mother got angry. She slaughtered my father... My... Father... She was then found guilty of murder, and was sentenced to 20 years in jail. I decided to go up for adoption, trying to erase my mother from my life. There. I try not to dwell on the subject for too long. Noting too fancy. Nothing too long. The story is plain and simple. 

But... It was because of these chains of events, it made me who I was today.



The End

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