Heart of Darkness

"I got you a faggin' gun dun I!" Thricetin snapped, slapping her hands away. "I'm afraid!" Lily chocked. "I'm afraid! I'm afraid they're going to hurt me, I'm afraid he's going to bleed me!"

 "Yeah well I'm afraid I'm gonna bloody bleed you myself if you don't shut up!"

"But I don't want to hurt anyone!" Lily sobbed. "I don't want to hurt anyone ever again!" 

"Ever again?" 

Those words snagged on something in her shattered brains and pulled open a stream of memories, and she saw uniformed men lying dead, their faces bursting around her, terrified of her, and she was, she was glad of it, glad of their pain, her bare feet wading through their fallen bodies, the memories spilling forth as from a weeping wound. She was sobbing hysterically all the while, but not because of the death nor the slaughter or the way her brains felt although they were on fire. No, she was crying with fear, because what terrified her the most was that sometimes, the odd giggle would bubble out of her, and through the tears she would giggle through her fingers. There she stood, in the pain and in the dark, a darkness that was spreading across the floorboards and up her trembling form as the orphanage fell into London's shadow, crying with laughter.

"No, no this isn't me…it can''t me, I don't want to hurt anyone…"

A great rage hit her, and it mated with her fear and spawned something dark, something so dark and glorious that it made her rise up on rotten wings made of fury, and it was beautiful, and- 

"Faggin' hell Lily, you awright?!" 

-and she was back in the attic, in the little girl's body, with Thricetin looking over at her from the controls, concern on her face. 

"I…" said Lily, "I…" her lung was twisting painfully, aftershocks of laughter still running through her.  "I…I don't know miss, I just don't know anymore…"

What she had felt, what she felt had been unmistakable...

"Well look sharp, we're now in London airspace, and these skies are bloody riddled with 'em."


"With GoreMen, doing random checks on the buildings afore they're a part of the city…"

Not knowing what quite compelled her to do so, Lily stepped forward and stood on tip toe before the round window. 

"Show me." she said.

"You wot?"

"Show me the GoreMen!" 

"Yeah it's not as simple as that…they don't exactly take to being seen, and if you do see one it'll probably be the last thing yer see." 

"There." said Lily. 



Lady Thricetin followed the girl's finger, out to where she was pointing. Outside the skies were filled with thousands of sky-buildings, approaching the city like flies converging on something rotten, but where Lily was pointing, right there through the sea of drifting rooftops and glinting windows and ballooned undersides, right there, dark against the darker face of London, was the unmistakable shape of a corpse that had been given wings. 

The End

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