A right muddle!

She looked frenzied, wide eyed, her body shaking so much it was although she'd just been dragged through frozen water. Her eyes were streaming with tears, her filthy, bloody hair was spilling down her face, and her shoulders were rising and falling with her terrified breathing.

"Whose he, Lily?" Thricetin said again. "Who is it?" 

"I…I  don't know who he is miss, but he's there." she pointed towards London. "He's there, he's somewhere in that city and if he catches me again he'll, he'll...."

"Aright Lily, let's calm it down, yeah? We all have people we'd rather not run into, same as you-"

"No miss, it's not the same miss, miss he likes to…likes to…"

Lily felt a flash of pain as she was impaled in her mind, and for a second she felt his claws, his mouthful of too-many teeth, saw the paleness of his skin, the blackness of his eyes…

"We can't!" she sobbed. "We can't go!" 

"Well we have to-" 

"But miss, miss if he catches me, you don't understand what he'll do, what he'll do to me…"

"Yes I bloody do understand! You think I ain't got enemies? You think I ain't had scrapes of me own?"


"Scrapes! Scrapes with people a lot scarier than that man-spider of yers I tell yer now! I've had all me fingers on this hand broken by Long Tim, I've had a sword, right, literally nick one of me ribs, and do you see me wingeing about it? No you bloody don't! Do you see Zipper wingeing about how he was beaten senseless day after day before he got the good sense to run away? No you certainly do not, cos he knows we all have to pull our weight if we're to survive. He knows his sufferin' don't make him special, and it's about high time you noted that n'all."

"Miss please!" the girl pleaded. "Miss, I can't!." 

"Miss you can and Miss you will." 

"But I'm afraid!" said Lily , venturing out of the shadows and to Thricetin's side.  "I'm afraid…" She pulled at the woman's sleeve. 

The End

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