Decisions, Decisions.

Grace decided to keep the sketch that Adam had drawn for her, and found it a place on the door of the wardrobe facing her bed. It seemed to blend in with the rest of the room perfectly, slotting into place like some kind of missing jigsaw piece. 

She hadn't seen him for the rest of the day, but their conversation had decided to rebound around the inside of her mind. Something about the way he called himself a freak didn't quite sit right with her. It wasn't right that somebody should be branded a freak just because of the way they acted, or the way they looked. At least, in an ideal world. Grace was all too aware of the way high school worked, and so, it seemed, did Adam.

She lay in bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. It was never good to be that girl, the one that snubbed others because they just didn't quite fit. She shouldn't be that girl.

But, it was a lot easier said than done. After three years in high school, Grace had found a place that she belonged. A place on the social ladder people liked to call 'Comfortably Average'. This meant that she was neither particularly popular, nor was she specifically targeted and tormented by others. She had good, constant grades, but not so high that she would be classed as a Mathlete. Average. That was the best thing you could be if you wanted to get through with as few dramas as possible. 

So, should she really be thinking about unhinging all of that stability for one guy  who she'd most likely never see again after this year? Probably not, but something about him made her want to. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to get to know him. At the very least, she should get to know him. Then she could decide whether to shun him or not afterwards. 

Grace rolled over restlessly in her bed, and found herself staring at the sketch on the door. It really was a beautiful  piece; she'd never seen anyone draw the way he did.  The large wide eyes stared back at her with a sense of innocence and pleading she thought shouldn't be possible in a picture. She'd have to ask him about it if she saw him tomorrow. 

Smiling to herself, she realised that she'd already made up her mind. Tomorrow, if the opportunity presented itself without too much observation from Liza and some of the others, she would have a real conversation with Adam.

It felt good to have  made a decision. 

The End

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