Skin Rejuvination

Margery read....... Worried about your ageing, wrinkly, crabby face but can't afford a face life like Goldie Hawn's and don't want to wind up with a rubber face like Joan Rivers?

Then we, at the Laboritoires de la plastique have the solution.

Using our extensive and unique technique your face could be looking twenty years younger plus, if you follow our simple and effective guide.

First.   Using Self Hypnosis you will aquire the ability to think of yourself as younger, twenty years younger, than you actually are!

Proffessor Cul de Sac of "Health and Beauty" says, "When a person slows their mind and thinks of themselves as much, much younger than they actually are, the brain responds by releasing Sectraphoria, sending out messages and releasing millions of new skin cells to your face and restoring your youthful appearance."

Secondly. From the Laboritiours de la Plastique comes an entirely new formulation.  Our scientists there extracted DNA from hundreds of young plants, animals, amphibians and fish. Taking stem cells from all of these  and extracted the Sensualistician molecules which they bound to a single atom.

Taken orally, or applied as a gentle moisterising lotion, these revolutionary substances will transform your face into something pleasant to look at, at last, and your dull, uninspired life can start afresh with a considerably younger appearance!

Try our groundbreaking approach Today!!!  Credit cards gratefully accepted.

Margery pondered, it seemed plausable enough, but was this the solution for her?

The End

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