Skin Deep Chapter 2 (INCOMPLETE)

Chapter 2
Tori woke up the next morning, and stared out of the window. The steady rain drops down the side of the pane echoed how she felt. Numb, lifeless and heading for a downward spiral. She still couldn’t believe that she thought that Alex would propose or ask her to move in. More to the point, how long had he been dating that bimbo? Was she not good enough for him? Shehad always pinched herself, thinking that she had struck it lucky in bagging herself one of thehottest men on campus, but she never realised he saw her as only a pit stop until he found hisidea of a perfect woman.
Tori looked down onto her bedroom floor, where here beautiful green silk dress lay forlorn inthe corner, crumpled and alone. Tori half-smiled through her tears, a sad sort of humour.
Fashion sticks with a woman through thick and thin. More than could be said for mankind.
She reached for her phone. Mankind were all about breaking a girl’s heart, but womankind
and best friends, were always there, no matter what. With her green dress and her girls,
maybe....just maybe, she could make it.
Oh, who was she kidding? She loved Alex. She always had. He was her dream man, the one
she saw herself building a life with. That, in her mind, was a major achievement at only 23,
but when you found a man who was as handsome, talented and successful as Alexander
Holmes, you didn’t stop to think twice.
Tori curled up in the foetal position, surrounded by the green and gold bedding of her four
poster bed, before changing her mind and reaching out for her cordless white phone and
dialling the number of one of her best friends in the entire world.

Rebecca Staines was up early, as usual, working on the screenplay to the Doctor Who
Christmas 2011 special. When she had moments like this, she loved nothing more than to
spend hours in front of her computer, just typing, accompanied by a mug of Maltesers hot
chocolate and the strains of Corinne Bailey Rae and Rosey to provide the perfect atmosphere.
She was just adding the touches to Matt Smith’s inevitable meeting with the Daleks when her
phone rang. Sighing, she stopped mid-sentence and leaned over to pick up her phone.
“Rebecca Staines, this better be good, millions of people are counting on me to make their
Christmas TV” she automated, mind still on the handsome Doctor rambling nonsense as he
whipped out his sonic screw driver.
“’s me. Tori.”
“Of course I know it’s you, silly. You don’t need to introduce yourself! What’s up?”
“You know Alex, the love of my life and my boyfriend of three years?”
Rebecca sighed. Whenever Tori called and used Alex as the first topic of conversation, things were never going to end well.
“Yes....why?” she answered tentatively, not liking the tone in Tori’s voice.
“He dumped me.” Tori whispered. Rebecca had to practically strain her ears to hear her
friend’s words, despite the crystal clear phone line.
“Pardon me?” Rebecca didn’t want to assume what she had just heard, in case she was
grossly mistaken. Insinuating that Alex and Tori had finally split up, even in her imagination, was not drama required at this present minute.
“Alex dumped me, Becca” her friend repeated.
Rebecca’s emotions immediately split in half: half pleased that her best friend was finally free of her egoistical boyfriend, and half upset and angry that it was her friend who was feeling the pain and confusion and not satisfaction after having done what should have been done a long time ago.
“He did WHAT? When, why, how? Please tell me he at least had the dignity to do it face to
face and be respectful to you.”
Tori’s heart sank; she knew Becca was not going to react well to what she heard next.
“He took me to L’Aventure and introduced me to his new girlfriend, Danielle, her name was.
I left as they got cosy.” Tori’s voice got meeker and quieter-if that was at all possible.
Becca’s temper flared. “Something he will definitely regret if I have anything to say about it” she growled down the phone. “Don’t move, don’t go anywhere. I’m coming over with
Calls had to be made.
Tori laid back in her bed and sighed. Becca didn’t sound too impressed, but then, could she
really blame her? Her best friend had just been dumped in the coldest way imaginable by a
guy she had never really liked to begin with. She had known that Becca and their other best
friend Vanessa hadn’t taken kindly to Alex Holmes, and she had always told them they were
being unfair. Now she just felt stupid. She closed her eyes, hoping that the misery and pain
would dissipate if she couldn’t see the rest of the world....
Tori awoke to a loud knock on her apartment door. Who would be knocking so loud at this
time of day? She had taken a sick day off from work-first time in her career-and nobody else knew she was at home.
“Tori! Open this door. We won’t have you in there wallowing by yourself.” “We have Carte
D’or and champagne just waiting to be drunk....Tori...come on sweetie, open the door.”
The two voices at the door could not be more different, but both had the same ‘We care about you, and we won’t let this end quietly’ tone. Becca, hard as nails screenwriter, who had always been very vocal in her dislike for Alex, and Vanessa Pickard, the sophisticated and level
headed lawyer. Tori smiled to herself as she got up to answer the door. You would think the
personalities had been switched, the way those two acted sometimes, but she loved them so
“Hey guys” she felt almost shy talking to them now. Gosh, she felt like such an idiot,
knowing that they were right all along, but that was old news now, and they were here to look after her. Between her friends and ice cream, maybe, just maybe she would be o.k. again.
The three women sat on Tori’s bed, and she felt so privileged to have with her, when she
knew how busy they were. Poor Becca had to worry about pleasing up to 3 million fans of
Doctor Who in the space of 8 months, while Vanessa regularly spent more than anti-social
hours in the office just to get the job she really wanted. She hugged them spontaneously, a
tear silently rolling down her cheek.
“Aw babe, come here.” Vanessa cooed, her gray eyes alive with sympathy. Tori found herself enveloped in a big cloud of blond hair, as she was given a shoulder to cry on.
Becca, meanwhile, had got off the bed, and was staring out of Tori’s window. It was clear she was in thinking mode, and not to be disturbed. Tori and Vanessa looked at her quizzically,
wondering what on earth she could be thinking about when there was champagne and ice
cream readily available and bonding time to be had. Then Becca spun around, brown eyes
gleaming as her mind’s work came to fruition.
“Ladies,” she started. “I have the ULTIMATE idea”
“Well, you are a screenwriter...if you didn’t I would be worried” Vanessa quipped, causing
Tori to giggle.
“Don’t mock the ingenuity of it. It is something to be admired, not scorned!” Becca joked,
poking fun at her often serious persona.

The End

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