Chapter 5- Secrets of the TownMature

'So basically what you're saying is we're like xmen and you're Xavier guy right?' Finished Danny. 'I knew it!' I shouted back, 'I knew you'd been reading my comics!' James pulled an unimpressed face and brought us back on track. 'Yes,' He says, 'But the difference is that you're not the only group that has these powers.'

'Not the only group?' Repeats Emma as her hair rubbed her chin to show her confusion. 'Oh! You're talking about those gangs in the other parts of town aren't you?' Says Jess. He nods. 'Yes, the Dream Girls and Subs.'

'Wait one min; a ton of drug jokes just popped into my head,' Jokes Danny to no ones amusement. 'Shall I go on?' James Groans. I knew the feeling. Danny nods lamely. 'The Dream Girls are a group made up entirely of girls, but we don't really know anything else about them; Their powers, their leader, nothing. They seem to keep themselves to themselves. However, we do know that they reside in the Spa hotel on Junction Street which is a couple of miles from here. Meanwhile, the subs are a much more rowdy group who reside in the subway on Indigo Street. Their leaders are Jason Bandage, Sarah West and Ivan Ledger although we aren't sure on their powers either. Unlike the Dream Girls, the Subs cause much more havoc---'

'Then why haven't we heard about them before?' Interrupts Danny. 'Do you honestly think that people could take a news report about a group of teens that could smash up streets and sabotage trains seriously? Besides, they have a way of somehow doing this invisibly too. It must be one of their members' powers.'

'But how do you know all this if the are acting invisibly?' I ask. He points over to the smashed up chunks of metal on the ground, still giving off randomly timed sparks as if trying to call for help. 'They could transform and go to anyplace I wanted,' He said with his nose in the air. This impressed Emma. 'How did you even make these?' She stuttered, 'I don't really even know how to use my pen drive.'

'My mutant power,' James replies proudly, 'I have a massive IQ. It helps me to do all sorts of things. Manually of course.' To conclude the sort of meeting, we tell him about our mutant powers and he evaluates them for us. 'Tom. You have the power to make shields that can both protect and be hurled at enemies to cause damage. Jess, you have the ability to throw further power into each of your attacks. Basically, you have a kind of super strength. Emma, you have a psychic ability. You are able to move each strand of hair as if they were your arms. Finally, I'll dumb it down a bit for you, Danny, you have the ability to change your hands into whatever substance you want.'

After our long talk we decided to make it a weekly duty to meet down in the basement with James. With that as a final note, we all travelled our separate ways but before we all left, James added as a final note, 'Oh and Emma, you can borrow my floppy if you'd find it easier to use.' Emma returned a thankful face, not really understanding what he meant, and Danny returned an annoyed face, knowing exactly what he meant.

The End

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