Chapter 4- The GhostMature

'Why so serious, Jessica?' Taunted Danny. She returned an enraged face with a side of 'I'M NOT SERIOUS OR SCARED OR ANYTHING OK?!?' It was kinda low of him to take advantage of her fear of ghosts. Still funny though. As we sneaked along the passage underneath the school, I noticed how untouched this part of the school was. 'I guess that our janitor's afraid of ghost's too, eh?' I comment. I had to also admit that it was strange that Jess, the one afraid of ghosts, and me, the little brother who apparently needed protecting, were at the front of the group. 'Hurry up you two!' I say and as I turn, I see that Emma and my brother were close. Very close in fact. That was when it twigged with me. The guy that Emma was swooning over that day was (ugh) my brother. 'Hey Danny,' He looks up wiping the flirtatious smile on his face, 'I found that hair dye you were looking for the other day. Good idea going for pink I thought. After all grey didn't really suit.'

'I--Ar--Bu--' He stumbled and to Emma's reaction, I realised two things. One; that she knew it was him all along, and Two; That she really was falling for him. 'You should keep it how it is,' She said ruffling his hair, 'It looks cute.' Ugh. I mean don't get me wrong, everyone should be able to find love, but to see my older brother make out with my friend was just creepy. Meanwhile, it seemed like the pink hair dye gag hadn't gone unnoticed, 'LOL! You have hair dye? Pink hair dye? Hahahahahaha! And to think I thought you never touched that dusty ferret on your head!' Blurted out Jess with fits of giggles. 'Can it or I'll set the ghost on ya!' Retorted Danny. She almost instantly turned back to silence. 'You really are afraid of ghosts aren't you?' I mutter to her. 'Yeah,' she replies, 'But not as afraid as I am of Dopeo and Googliet back there.'

After what seemed like hours of walking round a maze of greyness, we finally reached a door, of which was spitting out small blasts of light from the gap between it and the ground. 'Ok, everyone ready?' I ask but as I turn around, I see Danny's hands. On fire. 'Danny!' I scream, 'YOURHANDSAREONFIRE! FIRE! FIRE! ARRRGGGHHH!' Now this may seem over the top, but I have a massive phobia of fire. Dunno why, just always have had. I needed to think. Think of something. Help brother. He speaking. I not listen. Water, find water. Ah! Tap! Get water! Grab hands by wrists. Pour water on them. But, 'DANNY! YOURHANDSAREONWATER!' ARRRGGHH!'

'Wait, on water?' Said Jess. I stopped panicking and took a second look at his hands. Sure enough they were, as I put it earlier, on water. We stared at them for a minute. There were tiny waves of ever flowing water pulsating from his backhand to his palm. 'Don't worry,' He surprised me with this, 'Happens all the time. Water, fire, guns, darkness, it's normal.'


'THIS IS NOT NORMAL BRO! DO YOU KNOW...' He went on. Honestly, he was no better, he made shiny green things from his hands. But who am I to say? 'Parently, that's normal?' I signal to Emma to go on and she agrees which in my book, deserves a high five. We open the door to see a massive lab place thingy but before I could like see it all, these three massive (and by massive I mean like two Tom's so, really massive) robot thingys and I'm thinking whoa! Before it punched me in the face. Luckily, Emma was more responsive that me. She whipped off her hat and spun round her head making her scorpion tail form of hair knock the bots into the air and then slam on the ground. Then rising into the air, the tail dispursed into vipers slashing at the bots while they couldn't move. I'm thinking, giiiirrrrll? You ain't having this fight without me! So I stomp on their brains with as much power of I can leaving a massive dent in each of them as I move.


'JUST BECAUSE I ATE YOUR CHOCOLATE LAST WEEK!' Screamed back Danny. But before I could reply I hear some guy shouting from the room. We turn to see an open door showing us a group of robots that had been mercilessly smashed by the girls. To my face of 'What the hell happened?' I was returned from Jess a, 'You thought we were going to wait for you?' face to which I threw the topic away. 'Do you have any Idea I had Urhaugh! taken to make those?' Shouted the long lost pupil to us as he skipped down a flight of steely stairs. We shook ours heads. 'Three URHGJA! Days! Well almost,' He held out his hand, 'James, is ma names PJHEFIB!' I took it, 'Tom Ryan and these are--' He shook his head. 'Well Ryan, from what I've seen from you all, you are all gifted like me.' We shared confused faces, 'What do you mean? And I'm not called Ryan, my name is To--'

'You're all mutants! Or at least mutated! Now take a seat the lot of SDFUHBKJ you and I'll show you what I know!' He interrupted again and gestured us over to the steps.

The End

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