Chapter 3- Gathering InformationMature

'Hello Sixth Form!' Shouts Danny to the lifeless corridor. I sigh, 'Maybe if you hadn't gone for a smoke, we would've actually got here on time and that greeting would've been more effective. I swear, every time you--' Rudely, he interrupts my rant about health dangers which, I might add, is very important to know about! 'No time for that now little bro, I gotta get to my first lesson!' I grimace at the 'little bro'. Didn't think he'd actually use that in public. He turns to me now and whispers, 'I'll see if I can find out if anyone has seen or heard anything about what you and your friends have been experiencing. Now! Time for!' And he whips out his timetable from his jacket in the most majestic way, 'English!' With that, he sprints down the corridor without a care in the world. Not even for a care for the fact that, 'You're going the wrong way!'

My first period meanwhile was history which was alright. No friendly faces though but at least it was bearable. The only thing I hate about history is the smell. See, my classroom is above the basement and there's some weird smell that always seems to float up when we're in there. Bugs the heck out of me. I tried to ask around about subject x but no one seemed to have experienced it. In fact, some gave me weird faces and even asked me what I needed to know for. And if I had a pound for every set of daggers I received from my fellow 'class mates!' Second period was Maths which was much better as I was sat next to Jess. Even more luckily, the teacher was a sub so anything went; Name Switching, Talking too loudly, using chairs as footrests, the lot! This was the perfect opportunity to talk to Jess about mine and Danny's plan. 'Ugh, he knows?' Groaned Jess. Turns out she wasn't the biggest fan of him. Probably had something to do with that Summer Fling of theirs. Apparently, he told her that she was too immature for him which was pretty low but he was still my brother so I still got on with him afterwards, we just don't talk about it. 'He has this plan to ask around and see if anyone else has heard anything about it,' I continue to which she returns a smug smile. 'Already one step ahead,' She says, 'You know that girl with the blue hair in Year 8?'

'Yeah, can't believe stuff these younger kids do. I mean, who do they think they are? It's like they're training to be the new Nicki Minaj band mem--' She shoots me a dirty look which is a warning in Jess' world. I prompt her to carry on. 'ANYWAYS, She was about to go home due to school rule violations and she said she heard a guy telling the school about some kid who was wondering down the stairs every night and not coming back until like the next week.' I shrug. 'Yeah everyone's heard that rumour. Lemme see, the ghost of James Eaton, right?' She nods and continues, 'But the thing is, she said that she'd seen him and I doubt she would make up something like that to tell to the head.'

'What did he say back,' I ask like a little boy wanting the next part of the story. 'I dunno, Laina told me something about an affair or something?' The shrug appears once again. 'We should check out that basement, It's the closest lead we've got,' I conclude. Jess nods. 'Just please tell your brother to not talk to me.'

The End

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